Duck Soup Decks


The Lombardi looks wonderful. I wonder why there is so little echo to this deck. I'm quite fascinated with it.

Love the look of the deck, but if I remember correctly, it looked like it was only available in PS's standard 300gm smooth card stock, with which I have had too many bad experiences (deck warping).

Regina L.

Can you tell more about the Brownies Oracle you're planning?


It will be very much along the same lines as my other Playroom Oracles: Oz and Golli. I don't know yet when it will be available, although a Christmas release seems most appropriate. The number of cards will be decided in the making. My sense is that there won't be as many as in the other two decks simply because the volume of available art isn't there. Palmer Cox has a large body of work, but it isn't all Brownie-related. On the other hand, his drawings are so packed with action and with so many Brownies that it's very possible a single illustration could make for more than one card.

My source materials include three obscure early volumes of Cox artwork and stories. Although they bear the same title and are ostensibly the same book, the content varies greatly between each edition.

I have at least three other decks of various kinds that are in the early stages of process, but no one deck that is far enough along so that I can say "This one will be next."

Although I am phasing out any work with GameCrafter, a part of me wants to do this through them just so that it has the same look and feel as the other two decks. The other possibility is to declare the first editions of Oz and Golli "out of print," stop working with Game Crafter altogether and take everything to the new printer.

Meanwhile, the official release date (barring disaster) for the Punch Tarot is now May 2, and the Bordered edition of Il Lombardi Dannegiato will be available shortly after.

Thanks for asking!'



PUNCH: May 2

THE TRAGICALLY COMIC OR COMICALLY TRAGIC TAROT OF MISTER PUNCH is all set to go! I have the printed proofs on hand, and they turned out spectacular -- they look much better in hand than they do onscreen.

The deck launches at Midnight (EST) on May 1/2.

Meanwhile, the mini-site for my next project, THE BROWNIES: THEIR ORACLE, is up and running. Nothing much there yet, I'll be gearing up on this in mid-May when houseguests depart.

It's all accessible from the main site:

Thanks, all!


Regina L.

Looks great--but is there a tuck box?


No. They arrive shrink-wrapped. I do have a matching tarot bag available separately.




I must be dumber than a door post, but when I click on your common link
clicking on the cards doesn't take me to anything but a photo sort of pop up thing and clicking on those decks just takes me around the 3 deck circle.

I'd love to see more cards for the punch and judy and the Oz decks. you are an inventive and creative artist bar none. Thanks for sharing your journeys with us

Just 2Cents input, I love oracles but I won't buy any with less than 40 cards and I always hope for more.


The photos are not links; my host doesn't support image mapping. You need to click on the text links under the pictures, as it says on the site.

The Punch deck is a full 78 card tarot deck. The Oz and Golli oracles each have 72 cards.