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Hah! --Prudence, although it doesn't look like it, I am actually slowing down now.

I didn't want to start what was for me essentially a new business model with just ONE tarot deck and two oracles. It seemed to me that I should have something remotely resembling a "line" of products going in. And so for a good hunk of time I dropped everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to work on new decks 24/7.

Now that I've got the Lombardys and Punch and the Zirkus Lenormand and the Fortune Telling Playing Cards added to the list, I am pulling back just a bit from deck design. I still try to do a little of that every day, but need to get back to writing (among many other projects in that area, the Punch deck needs a book) ... and someday, SOMEday I have comics and children's book projects that I would like to finish.

The divination decks won't stop coming, and the ones I've teased are so far just the tip of the iceberg, but it WILL slow down, starting right now. I do want to get the Brownies out by the end of the year... everything else that I've directly teased is in the category of "would be NICE to get out by the end of the year, but don't bet on it."

Thanks for (sort of) asking!

To Le Fanu I have replied by PM.

To FLizarraga, if you are still out there, I FINALLY got around to adding the option you wanted into my shopping cart system. Also made a few tweaks in how other items are grouped and ordered. This sort of thing is easy to do, so if anyone has any feedback on the ordering process please let me know.

OK. Uhhhmmm... I think that's everything? Brownies mini-site is up. A tease for the "Scorned Oracle" is coming soon. Etc. and onward --



APPt to forget...

I don't think I've mentioned it on this thread, but my TAROT OF THE ZIRKUS MÄGI is available as a great app from The Fool's Dog:

Tarot decks are expensive! -- The app version is the perfect introduction and a bargain. It comes with two complete books, the full deck, infinite possibilities for reading spreads... Android or iPhone/iPad, they've got you covered. At 3.99, you can't go wrong.



Oooh, I hadn't seen your deck before Freder, I've grabbed the app!


I ordered the Lombardi borderless version. I'm very very curious how I will like it. The pictures are wonderful, and I was fascinated when I saw it for the first time.


To FLizarraga, if you are still out there, I FINALLY got around to adding the option you wanted into my shopping cart system. Also made a few tweaks in how other items are grouped and ordered. This sort of thing is easy to do, so if anyone has any feedback on the ordering process please let me know.

Thanks! More options is always great. :thumbsup:

I'm actually saving my pennies now to get it, since I have decided to go for the bordered option after all, with one of the custom backs... :)


We'll be able to compare our versions. Great!


All right. It's time to stop floundering about and come up with a real Production Schedule, so that I can get back on track and stop dividing my time between half a dozen projects.

So here it is:

IL LOMBARDI ILLUMINATO - December, or possibly early 2016.

Keep in mind that these are just the projects that I have in active production right now: there's much more in my head and on my list, just waiting for my attention. Some of it may get folded in to this schedule.

Thanks, all, for your continued enthusiasm and support --



My Damaged Lombardi arrived yesterday and I didn't have time yet to bond with it or read with it, I'm still in the "look at it" stage. It's very beautiful and well done. The black borders just disappear once you lay the cards out - I don't feel any urge to trim this deck and usually the scissors itch in my hands.

The images themselves, the Neo-Classical Gumppenberg, isn't it?, are lovely and elegant. All the figures seem to have escaped a salon where they had tea, talked about Italian songs and watercolor painting - just so very early 19th century. If Elizabeth Bennet had a pack of tarot cards in her drawer, this would have been it (maybe given to her by a man who just finished his Grand Tour to Italy...). Even the Devil looks like a gentleman - in a state of undress maybe, but all the more seductive for his mature good looks and self confidence.

Many male figures wear amor and weapons, the female figures are clad in short waisted neo-Classical outfits. So the males are costumed in Renaissance/Mannerism style, a bit like Michelangelo's Medici Princes in the Medici tomb in San Lorenzo, and the females are contemporary. Yet they don't clash but represent the tarot somewhere between tradition and renewal of their time. Very interesting and lovely to look at.

But all the archetypes are recognizable and approachable. I'll see in readings how this works out.

This is my first "artificially damaged" deck - deeply distressed. There are different tones to the cards, as though some where covered in dark cloth and have a blueish hue now, others have wet spot, scratches, are bleached out or browned. It looks as though every card has been treated individually. I like this effect better than I feared - it really adds to the charm of this very elegant art.

The pips are very beautiful, too, distributed in pleasing compositions with enough negative space to make them breathe.

I really like this deck and still don't understand why there is no hype about it like there is for other decks.

The card stock is very smooth. Personally, I prefer card stock with a more "paperish" feel to it but this is easy to shuffle and is solid, but also flexible. I won't be afraid to shuffle this deck many many times and carry it with me.

It came without a box or bag which is no problem for me - I make my own bags anyway and prefer it that way.

In short, I'm very happy with my purchase, and I'm glad Freder has chosen to produce this deck.


Thank you very much, Nemia!!!

Sometimes it seems like everything I'm doing is like the best-kept secret in the Tarot world, and then a nice thing like this comes along. Thanks again --