Eagerly awaiting my Faeries


The faeries are choosing to come my way via a trade. I eagerly await their arrival and look forward to digging through the old posts in this Study Group with deck in hand!


Woof, I hope the Faeries bless you with Their presence, and bring you Their own unique brand of wisdom. Have fun with the deck, at first, and approach them with a playful mind. Your Fae will do the rest ;).

If the book comes with it, it's a lovely book so I hope so, I would recommend only reading the first section, which includes some fantastic exercises on getting attuned to your new deck and it's imagery, how it will speak to you. Then, come and post your results in the Favorite Card, Least Comfortable Card, and more!

(... waving her magic yew wand, Alissa twinkles ;) back out of sight...)


Got them today!

Very excited about working with them! Unfortunately, I'm going on vacation next week and the week after I get back I have 5 houseguests for a week!
I am so looking forward to working with them!
My first impression is very positive.
I'm not reading part two of the book and have only glanced through the first part. I haven't done any sorting exercises yet.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Got them today!

Woof said:
I haven't done any sorting exercises yet.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Yes, ~play~ with them. Look at them, paw through them.

I started sorting by ones I liked or didn't like. Ones I thought were male, female or neutral. Ones that had one eye shut. Which ones had crowns". Anything you can imagine.

Be creative, and see what *your* Fae want to show you. There are no rules to these cards, except ~play~! They'll show you the rest in their own way.

And then don't forget to come and post your thoughts once you do get around to doing the exercises in the beginning of the book~! :D

Wisp Wings

I agree with Alissa. Sorry on not knowing if you are male or female, but if female I would say to carry them with you in your purse. In any regard, DO take them with you on your vacation! Add them in your suitcase if a guy and when in the hotel and you are waiting others to get ready having their shower, etc. -- take them out and play! You will be allowing them to mesh with you and you getting to know them. I know this is strange, but this deck is so alive. It is very hard once you connect with them to just see them as being a character. They do become real. I just know they will love it if you take them with you on your trip. Yahoo has a group of the Faeries Oracles, well two. Join it. Jesa writes in there to the group. I am bringing this up here now due to they are very individual to the individual having a particular deck of them. Each deck even though seems the same, I believe is different and the faes decide how the want to be dealt with and kept. Mine literally want to be snug as a bug in a bag then decided on the fabrics for me to make them. I mean it is a very snug fit at the opening. LOL. Others want it loosey goosey. Jesa actually has I think two or three of her decks of these cards all together. She talks of them as individual cards up and leaving to return in future times. She has her's stored in a ZIP LOCK PLASTIC BAG! So, I know no matter what you place them in to take along with you on your trip, they'll just be happy with having a holiday with you.

Believe me, you have much joy and an expanded life ahead with these faes present!

Shadow Wolf

I too am eagerly awaiting for my fairies.........

B&N says 3-7 days , but I'm calling them tomorrow just to be sure.

I ordered them on Sat. so 3 days would be Wed. but I can't wait,
I can't wait, I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!

When I get them I'll probably be saying "WHAT WAS I THINKING!"
But......I can live with that !!!!!!


Woof, enjoy your faeries! I agree with what others have said -- interact with them, don't feel that you need to keep them at arm's length until vacation is over and your houseguests are gone. There's a reason they've come into your life at this time, so play away!

Shadow Wolf, hope you have a great time with your faeries, too!