Earth calling tarotbear....


Dear Tarotbear, I'v been trying to reply to your post about suggesting a first deck, but whenever I try, the computer says the post is a "read only". Anyway, this post is a recommendation for you. A truly wonderful beginner deck is the Nigel Jackson tarot. It comes in a book/deck set and is a little more expensive than most decks out there. It is well worth the extra money. The art is a combination of line drawings and watercolour...Absolutely gorgeous. The symbolism is rather overt, so it is good for a beginner. This deck is inspired by the Rider-Waite deck, but I wouldn't call it a clone. This is a wonderful deck that is easy too read, yet not overly simplistic...It is one you can grow into. Check this one out. It is really special.


'Lo all,

I've noticed the same thing about the FAQ posts. No reply button.



Hello, folks! You'll have to ask Solandia.

A couple of weeks ago we were all hepped up about maybe starting a FAQ area. I started by posting these questions. Two days later, they were removed by Solandia so that she could figure out how to get the system to work. They reappeared about a week later, but everyone says they cannot post to them.

Why, I don't know. I read cards; I'm not a computer technican!


Tarotbear, I noticed the same thing when I tried to reply to your FAQ posts. I even E mailed you about it , but now my E mail server seems to be down , haven't been able to access mail for 2 days. :( .
Andryh, I think the Nigel Jackson tarot is excellent! :) .