Easter Egg Spread

le fey

I was playing around and worked out a general reading spread for Easter (secular style), based on the holiday customs I loved as a kid and passed on to my children - so it's intended to be pretty lighthearted. I'd love to see some folks test drive it and offer suggestions!

Easter Egg Spread

The spread is egg-shaped with the final card in the center.


1. Coloring your eggs. - How do you create beauty, joy and hope in your life?

2. What are you looking for? - What Easter Eggs are hidden from you now?

3. How can you find them? - What do you need to do to uncover them?

4. What's in your basket. - What sweet things have you been given?

5. What will you share? - What good thing from your basket are you willing to share with someone else? (Alternatively, what's in your basket you hate and will give to someone who will appreciate it more.)

6. Easter grass. - What is the foundation that keeps your eggs from harm?

7. Rotten Egg? - What's stinking up your life that you need to find and discard?

8. What's ready to hatch? - What's preparing to come into your life?


Awww, it's cute

This is such a cute spread for Easter and at the same time a nice general spread for any day of the week. I like it.

Baroli :grin:


I love it too! Thanks!


LeFey's Easter Egg Spread variant

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea for a spread, LeFey! I especially like the egg shape and the surprise in the middle. I'd been meaning to try it and almost had the occasion to do so yesterday, except that it was for a student who studies English with me and for whom I sometimes do readings. I usually type up notes from our last class for him, but this time it seemed a bit silly because there were only five words... Since he was leaving on a trip to Greece today and it's almost Easter time, I took the liberty of creating an "Easter Egg Spread" using the five words in his notes in a larger sense. The words were "handout", "notebook", "the environment", "economics" and "becoming aware". Here is the variant I sent him, and I hope you won't find it presumptuous of me to have done this, but I love to change things sometimes, just as one shakes up a kaleidoscope to get new pictures, and I think anything (a picture a sound, a word, a scene in a movie or a dream) can become a starting point for further insight. So here it is:

Easter Egg Spread variant --for travels or any type of "journey" at Easter time:)


1. Where you are now (the inner or outer "environment").
2. What you have been given or will be given (one direction of "the handout")
3. What you can give others (the other direction of the "handout")
4. How you (can) protect yourself materially (material "economics")
5. How you (can) protect yourself spiritually (spiritual "economics")
6. What you should focus on/study (the "notebook")
7. What you should be aware of or be cautious about ("becoming aware")
8. The surprise!



Great spread! I just tried it today and it was very informative! Without getting into specifics I'll say that I got 5 majors, so the cards were really talking! It's been warm lately so I'm in the mood for Spring-related things.



Great spread! Looking forward to trying this out!!!


I know this post is old but I thought I might add an Easter based spread I did a while ago that is sort of similar to the ones above. Not sure if anyone would be interested but here goes


1. Unwrapped Egg - Where/How you perceive yourself/your life at this point
2. Under The Wrapper - Where/How you really are right now
3. Egg Hunt - What are you looking for in your life right now?
4. The First Bite - What is your first step towards getting the outcome you want?
5. The Easter Bunny - What surprising things should you watch out for?
6. A Bad Egg - What do you need to get rid of from your life right now?
7. The Chocolatey Goodness - What should you keep in your life right now?
8. Chocolate Coma - What will be the outcome?

I have changed this a bit but didn't want to do a whole new post so I will amend this one as below.

1. Unwrapped Egg - How You See Your Life (or the situation)
2. Under The Wrapper - The Reality Of Your Life (or the situation)
3. Egg Hunt - What You Should Focus On
4. The First Bite - What To Do Now
5. The Easter Bunny - What To Look Out For (unexpected surprises)
6. A Bad Egg - What To Avoid
7. The Chocolatey Goodness - What To Adopt
8. Chocolate Coma - Advice Or Outcome Card


thanks for posting your version AlysiumDream and love these easter egg spreads, very topical for this time of year and going to try one out :) :thumbsup: