I saw a huge dragonfly type insect outside my work window the other day- I work in the centre of a northern english city so this is not at all usual-I thought of the passing of summer and the turn of the seasons, I also felt Ekstasis' presence, that strange mixture of joy and pain and delicate beauty.


Thanks for sharing that. It was a truly beautiful story. It made me happy just to hear about it. :grin:



This is my card of the day. This card makes me think of dragonflies (like others have said) and butterflies. And that makes me think of regeneration...reinventing oneself maybe. At the top of the card..that light..its like a crown. The energy of this card seems to say to me it flows from head to toe because all areas are lit up. With the heaviest concentration of Light in the area that to me is like the heart chakra...and the energy being contains some green which is a healing color for the heart. It has arms...those branches...suggesting to me that the energy here branches out and is not held inside. Those blues are very calming, peaceful, and suggest tranquility...maybe tranquility is my idea of ecstasy (?)

Personal association...this is the type of energy I need to be open to today. I need to reach out for it. It was a turbulent weekend and this would be very healing right now.


This image brought to mind the bug/faeries from the spanish film Pan's Labrynth.
I see a torso with it arms raised up in joy, the lowest light being about the figure's belly button. I do see chakras, but I am not very well versed in them, but I do see the traveling lights through the arms and the rest of the body as well as the points themselves.
The feeling I get from this card is a little glorifying go a long way, remember to thank those who have helped you