Elected Position Spread?

Muir Aingeal

Looking for a spread to do a reading for a friend. He's running to get elected for a position and is currently out campaigning. Any thoughts on a spread for this? He wants to know how he'll do in the campaign.

I'm poor at making spreads as it is and wondering if anyone could help me out?

Glass Owl

Using my "Waiting For The Ring" Spread as a springboard here is a spread:

Elected Position Spread (5) by Glass Owl

The layout is in the shape of a check mark.


1. Caution: What should X not do while on the campaign trail?
2. What may decrease the probability of X being elected?
3. What may increase the probability of X being elected?
4. Helpful Advice: What should X do while on the campaign trail?
5. Regardless of the results what positive can X take from this experience?

Cards 1 & 4: Actions that are within X's control
Card 2 & 3: Actions that may be outside of X's control

Muir Aingeal

That's a really good spread! Thanks so much for the help! I'm going to use it.