Ellis tarot: Difference between editions?


I have a first edition (with the black/white cats on the back) and although I love the images, they feel a bit 'flat': like all the colours have almost the same value / depth, and therefore nothing really stands out.

I've heard that he changed the contrast slightly in the next editions.

Does anyone have both?

Is the difference noticeable?


I have all 3 editions of the deck and have discussed differences between them in these threads about the deck:

Ellis decK - 3rd Edition
The Ellis decK

There were two versions of the 3rd edition, one on regular cardstock (which I don't have) and one on plastic stock, which I do have and talked about in the third edition thread.



Can't help - I have both a paper, and a plastic 3rd edition.
I love the artwork.
I use the plastic one in the bath. :angel:

The only comment I have is - annoyingly, the colour contrast is distinctly better in the cards on my Tarot App.
So - I prefer to study them on my mobile. Lol.