Empath in need of help.


Hey guys and gals. I've got a bit of a problem. I've begun an elimination diet, where you stop eating all the bad processed foods, to pinpoint allergens. It seems that this has really opened me up, which shouldn't have surprised me because I know the first rule is to stop eating bad things.

But now, I'm so overwhelmed with the weight of the world. I feel like I'm falling apart. My dog won't shut up and all I feel is what he wants and that is to be closer and closer to me. And I usually adore my dog but today, it's like I'm drowning and I can't take anymore. The poor thing is just loving me a little too much.

I was never any good at grounding but I do meditate daily. I don't believe in shielding but have been practicing with letting things flow through me. Basically, I think shielding is a waste of time since this is the way I am, no use in fighting it. The flowing hasn't yet begun to work though. Water doesn't work for me either. Visualizations have to be specific or I can't grasp them. I'm very scatter-brained right now, as I'm sure all of you can understand. I'm having trouble holding my white light around me.

I don't use crystals, though I have tons, just not sure which ones will help.

What I'm asking for right now, pleading really, is some help. What do I do? What do you do? Can you explain it in detail? Is there a book or site that helped you? I'm so tired of dealing with this. Any advice waiting for me when I wake up is most appreciated.

Blessings :heart:


Oh, I don't know what will help with the empathy problem but I can say that when I'm rattled a long fast walk really helps, every day or even twice a day--I hope you feel better soon ((Sinduction))


Well, you could try eating grounding foods, such as legumes, root vegetables and naturally red-colored foods. Exercise vigorously every other day, and on the day in between, take long walks in a natural environment where you can focus on trees and plants and growing things. Try chanting meditation, the Siri Gaitri mantra is the healing mantra: 'ra ma da sa, sa say so hung'. Roughly means, 'Sun, moon, earth, infinity, I am thou'. Here's a nice version to chant with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_wDsyzhZcI But there are many. Hope you feel better soon! ((hug)) May you be blessed, may you know peace.



-check your energy and pull it in a bit, also repair your aura

these two things will help you greatly, i would recomend protection, just try it to help shield you when you vulnerable.

I have done the elimination diet, also dowsed my body to work out what was happening. you need to ground to a higher level when your in this state, energy awareness is essential if you dont wish to protect. Its sounds like your ungrounded and your energy likely has holes in it and other peoples crap. Also think that it might b trying to clear blocks from you


If you don't ground or shield, I don't know what would work. I too am a natural empath, and if I go out (or stay in!) without doing my basic psychic hygiene, I just get pestered to death with spirits and unwanted energies bashing at me all day and night long. It's exhausting. and it ultimately makes it nearly impossible to do whatever spiritual work one wishes to do.

Crystals are a good natural shield, but I would term them a part of a shielding process just as energetic shielding is, so I would think you'd run into the same philosophical constraint in using crystals as in using energetic shielding. I rarely go out without a pendant of either rutilated quartz or tourmalinated quartz. Or I have a sunstone in my pocket.

As far as not shielding because this is the way you are, to me shielding myself is no more fighting my nature than is putting a coat on in winter to shield my natural naked body from the cold.


I agree with the walk out in nature. Go be alone somewhere with the trees and the birds. Just Be! (leave dog at home this once)

This is cleansing and grounding in itself. Start from there and when you come back, see how you feel and what feels right to do next.


Stick with it, one foot in front of another and before you know it, something has changed. :)


214red said:

-check your energy and pull it in a bit, also repair your aura
I do a grounding, well, I meditate and visualize roots coming from my feet into the ground and going way, way down. Is this sufficient?

I don't understand the second one. I mean, I understand what you are saying but not how to do it. I am unable to see auras as of yet.

I guess, to me, that protection and shielding are different somehow. I'd like to be protected from them but I don't want them to not be able to get through. Maybe that doesn't makes sense. That's why I use the white light, so that the things that come through may be purified before they get to me. Then I can take notice of each one and let the ones flow through that I don't want to bother with. A shield just seems to keep everything out, which isn't what I want to do. I want to learn how to live with this as peacefully as I can.

I feel you are right about the holes.

My dog is not as bad today as he was yesterday, maybe he felt off me and thought the attention to me would help.

I haven't had anyone to guide me through this so I am going on what little I know. I also have a meditation to open and cleanse each chakra but I don't know how important that is to the empath things.

I have those stones so will try those. And the chanting! Wonderful!

The walking is not an option with my chronic fatigue right now. But I can go sit by a tree today before work and that should help.

Thank you all for all your suggestions.


To take a look at how this might be affecting you as a whole...

Do you normally eat alot of processed foods - particularly those with sugar? Have you given up caffeine, too?

If so, your body is pitchin' a fit about wanting all its dietary drugs back! Work on finding your center. Get your mind clear and stable. Cleanse those chakras. Refocus your body, so to speak.

But also, acknowledge your body and tell it that this is all for its own good. And then move on.

It will get better.


Ok, I see, you want to keep open the channel but not so wide...

I'd try a focus on the throat chakra then. Bring consciousness and energy up from the belly and heart, and down from the head, where it's hard to deal with fear, panic, etc.,, to the voice, where you can do something physical to regulate what's happening energetically. Try chanting or singing songs you really like, use of your voice to balance reciprocity with the outside and also project a zone of energy around yourself. (When you're talking it's harder to hear ;) Even silly childrens songs--if you're feeling vulnerable then running tunes from when you felt especially happy and secure also can align the brain heart and body.

Two yoga asanas for when everything is rushing in: cobra to strengthen resolve, and legs-up-the-wall for very strong grounding and relaxation.

Hope this helps. I'm curious how you'll feel in a few days & if you find the elimination diet is a good thing and if it affects your reading too ((Sin))


Stick to it .
Keep your eye's on what directions you thoughts and feelings are taking.
Remain as an observer .

New experiences require new skills. Try not to go forward by going for the reverse . Leave the past where it is.

Refuse to hang anything on anyone. If you falter , regroup , redirect, realign.

Fears and desires are your steering until you learn to be mentally in charge.

Fear based ideas are linked to survival at any level. Fear of extinction is the weapon used. Conquer that and you conquer the world.

Any good shaman worth their salt will tell you that your mind is either your ally or your devil. Mind is all you are .

Your devils will blame and find fault, your Ally centers. The fears arising need to be viewed and resolved. They are controlling you temporarily

Do not smother any thing but rather expose all, observe .

Your dog is watching the battle and acting as a grounding.
Pay attention ,love and observe.

The vibration of love will change any vibe and cause it to be either with you or disappear.

Your are human and you will make mistakes. Love them , without them there is no going forward.

Enjoy the ride.