encyclopedia of tarot 3 volumes


What do you think about the volumes? Which is the best, if any one is?
I've heard that most of the pictures are in black and white and as I love color I wonder if I'd like them. I know I'd use them as a reference though so......Just trying to get others thoughts on them.


Here's a thorough review of the 3 volumes from Tarot Passages:

This review suggest that Vol. III is the best one to get, followed by Vol. I then Vol. II.

They are somewhat difficult to find, being out of print. I recently obtained Vol. I on eBay, and am on the lookout for Vol. III. You may want to search for these books on AddALL ( http://www.addall.com/ ).

Most of the pictures are in black and white, with only a few color plates. I haven't had a chance to read Vol. I cover to cover, but it appears to be a very thorough and historically interesting work.


strange2 - I thought that was you!!! I saw you bidding on it. LOL
What were the shipping costs like? They're not exactly small books are they? That's one of my concerns in buying it off the web.


Quote:faunabay (30 Jan, 2002 06:02):
strange2 - I thought that was you!!! I saw you bidding on it. LOL
What were the shipping costs like? They're not exactly small books are they? That's one of my concerns in buying it off the web.

I got lucky, and was only charged $3.50 for media class shipping. They are large (8.5 X 11 X 1.5) hardbound volumes.

Another nice site where you can search for deals on hard-to-find books is abebooks ( http://www.abebooks.com/ ). You can even setup saved want lists that will send you an email when a particular book is found. Very nice, and potentially dangerous!

With regard to eBay auctions, it does present a dilemma when you recognize someone bidding on an item of interest. I have held off from bidding on some items so a fellow enthusiast can go for it, but not always }> !


I bought volumes 1 & 2 but have not had the time or money to buy #3...yet. Yes, they are BIG volumes- almost like a coffee table- type book, but - alas!- they are almost exclusively B & W pics- they would cost a hell of a lot more if they were in color.
You actually might find them in smaller bookstores who bought them and are 'stuck' with them, rather than trying Barnes & Noble.


i borrowed volume 1 from the library *G*

it only has 4 double sided pages of colour plates though...


Other suggestion for all lovers of colourful tarot pic: what about Rachel Pollack's "The Illustrated guide to Tarot" (I am not sure of the correct English title as I got the German edition)?

The edition I've got is pretty nicely done with lots of colourful pictures on a large variety of tarot decks. It was soo convincing that I was lured into buying some more decks ~giggles~ but I only paid around $5 for a brand new copy of this book, so I could save some bucks on the other side :D


i believe that there is (or soon will be) a volume 4 too.
this is a great set, but pretty expensive.
personally i like vol. 1 the best, because of the history and photos of some very rare, old decks. the rest seem like just a continuation of the catalogue. but well worth it!


I find that each volume of the Encyclopedia has something different to offer.

In Volume 1, I find that some of Kaplan's statements on the Kabbalah just incorrect, or mere repetitions of Golden Dawn type comments. In Volume 2, some of the comparisons are superb, and in volume three, the biography of Colman-Smith is worth the whole book.

I have acquired each of these three volumes as they came out. I do think there has been some 'maturity' of style with each volume, though I find the way they are organised very uncharacteristic of Encyclopaedias.

Each volume, of course, is principally worth it for the number of decks which are mentioned and commented on.

If a fourth volume is on its way, great! I certainly think it's overdue!