End Of the Year


Hi. I am trying to come up with a spread to use on New Year's Eve to use on my relatives to reflect on what went on last year and what to look forward on the next. My idea was to make it into a spiral shape. It uses 12 cards. Feel free to use it, comment on it, or edit it.


1. Who you were when last year started
2. What you wanted to achieve last year
3. Your most important achievement in the last year
4. What stopped you from doing what you really want to do
5. Who you are right now
6. What you learned this year
7. Your deepest self/ your way/ your center
8. Your main desire
9. What to look for in the next year
10. Main achievement in the next year
11. Obstacles to come
12. Who you will become


I really quite like this spread, thanks for sharing! The positions flow really easily from one to another, and it seems like it will be a really good introspective summary for the passing year, as well shedding light on the year to come :) I'll be sure to try it out on New Years!


I like this spread very much, too! Thanks for sharing!


just was gonna check the index for a year's end spread...then i saw this thread...

interesting results with this spread, i tried it saturday...it is good for introspection...


I tried.this.spread and got good, eye-opening results. I'll be using it again. Good job! :D


This spread sounds cool, I have been meaning to look for a different new years spread...I saved it to my notepad and plan on trying it new years eve (with my 2012 deck) I needed something other than the 12 month one and the one that came with the LoS 2012 deck, Thanks for that :D
I appreciate it and Happy New Years to everyone too :)


Used it tonight! Spot on! Thanks for sharing! :)


Thank you for sharing. Very nice, going to use it soon. :)


Fantastic spread!! I used this tonight and it was eerily accurate! Love it!!!!