Energy particle memory?

Luna's Crone

Ok the first one is mainly a theory or hypothesis. Do you think anything that dies, or is destroyed, that any bit of it's molecular energy that is released may remember a bit of the time it had on earth and may remember it later in its next form.

For instance. Say that a rock fell back into lava after being a rock for thousands of years. and a few bits of it particles retained knowledge of something from that rocks existence. would those same particles retain that memory in the next object they became part of? Or in a human being, could that cause deja vu from a spot familiar to you that happened a year or so before you where born. Is that why Glen Ford when put in deep hypnosis, could only speak a french from the 17th century and play beautifully the piano. he did not claim to be a famous person just a well to do merchant type who could play piano. But had no recollection when he was brought out of it. I saw the film, no was expecting it. (film as opposed to video)

as for the second question, will put it in a different thread cuz its important to me.