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Does anybody have any understanding of the new English gematria? I am designing a deck that uses English as the new sacred language so there will be 26 trumps. There are many people out there working with the English qabalah as the new system but it is a rather new concept and requires much more work. I am sure there is other people out there working on these new trumps but this subject has not been discussed here. Anyone?




I've been working on my own English Gematria for the past 20 years... real brief rundown.

Words have three value rather than one. Total value, vowel value and consonant value. for example:

gematria 74 16 58.

(funny thing. number up tarot...

tarot 74 16 58.)

whole lotta reason for three numbers including a geometry of words. (real live math with axioms, theories and all that good stuff }) )

I have a "dictionary" of over 1200 words and terms, a method of analysis and a whole english-based kabalah system that relys heavily on the gematria for its structure. and I'm it getting down on paper finally.

One thing: I use the same 22 trumps as a traditional tarot deck. (which means the tree of life is undisturbed; you don't have to find/make 4 new paths) The English alphabet has something that the hebrew doesn't have. Vowels. Vowels are an identity principle; and I also consider the fool to be an identity principle. So I equate the Fool with the set of vowels. Leaves 21 consonants, 21 trumps.

Works for me.

Where can I find info on the english gematria you're talking about? I'd like a comparative system.

Oh, my dictionary (which I call book 126) is a excel file. If you'd care to look it over, I could e-mail it to you with my basic theories.

Real nice to find someone who shares one of my passions.

fly well


Hello Ravenswing, it is good to hear someone is on this path. I would be really interested in reading your theories if you could, e-mail me that would be awesome!

However, I have come across many systems with this subject and am very open to new theories but what I really had in mind was the New English Qabalah for the Aeon of Horus (not sure if you are familiar with The Book of the Law ). The Idea is that English is the new sacred language, which I see as an evolution of conciousness that evolves with humanity, and there will be a revised tree of life. With this new tree there will be a perfect series of paths on the upper which will give the Hexagram and the Unicursal Hexigram including Daath. This new perspective has changed my view of our current place in the world, as I always seek the ancient knowledge as being sacred and sometimes forget that everything is sacred.

With some of the numbering systems I have come across there have been too many coincidences to dismiss, but there is definately a lot of work that needs to be done here, and I am relativly new to Qabalah so I am pretty excited about this journey.

Check out this page and let me know what you think, I am always interested in other perpectives as I see myself as the Fool embarking on this wonderful journey, knowing it will lead to many different realities.