Enochian in Tarot


I've been looking into Enochian systems, and wonder if anyone makes use of the GD correspondances between Tarot and Enochian? Either in readings, or using the cards as part of evocations or scrying?

There seems to be several decks called "tarot" that really have a different structure than regular tarot and I wouldn't really refer to as a tarot. more like a very structured oracle perhaps.

DuQuette's Tarot of Ceremonial Magick is the only deck I'm aware of that illustrates the GD Enochian system on a standard tarot. Are there any others?


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Hmm, Similia, it appears that this is off the radar . . . I've just got the Enochian "Tarot" and its companion book, and just am not quite sure what I might have gotten myself into :laugh:

I'm hoping to find something concrete on here - if not, well, this might have to wait until I've moved in the big boys' circle for a bit longer :D :|

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I like the Enochian Tarot and the book seems to be a very good companion for the deck. It describes the symbolism, has divinatory meanings and a short list of correspondences; but there really isn't much there that pertains to the Golden Dawn.

The DuQuette deck and book is far and away the best I've seen with regard to illustrating the Golden Dawn system. There might be others but I haven't come across them yet.


There's a DuQette deck?? And do you mean his book on the Thoth deck, or is there another?

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Hi thorhammer, I was talking about the one similia mentioned, the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick. The book has black & white pictures of all the cards. I don't know if you can get them both together or not. Seems to me the last time I checked it was getting hard to come by, but that's been a while.


I just checked Amazon. It looks like the book is still readily available. The deck might be another story.


Thankyou - very much. The deck, from memory, comes up on eBay every so often, so I might have a chance. If you're up for talking about it, how do you find the Enochian Tarot?

I'm in the middle of trawling through search results for this deck on AT and, of course, coming across myriad threads of tangential investigation :rolleyes: and can see myself getting nowhere fast :D but would love to hear how you use (or even if you use) the deck for divination.

I got a few chapters into the book last night, but was too tired to make too much sense of it. The section on Gematria confused me. But I sense in the deck something worth taking my time over, so I'm not going to put it in the "too-hard basket" just yet :)

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The Duquette deck "Tarot of Ceremonial Magic" is OOP, but the book is easy to come by, and you can apply the content of the book to any GD/Thoth based deck. But I have seen the deck in bookstores recently, so I don't think its very far out of reach yet. They came seperately and as a deck/book set.

I have the Enochian Tarot also, though I've not put any effort into studying or working with it. Its a whole different thing, with a structure based on pre-GD Enochian, quite different to regular tarot. The Duquette deck is a regular GD-tarot structure, with Enochian inclusions illustrated on the cards.

Duquette has a new book out which is an introduction to Enochian, and well worth the read also. http://www.amazon.com/Enochian-Visi...=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1223181734&sr=8-1 For either deck it would be a good resource to have on hand if your new to Enochian.

If your keen to study either of them Kat I'd love to bounce ideas back and forth. Seems like a system that benefits greatly from having someone else to talk to about it :)


LOL yes, it is a bit like that, isn't it?

I think I will dive into it, but at this point, I'm so lost because I am totally clueless about magical systems and traditions in general. I've spent a lot of today reading on AT about GD, the Enochian system, Thelema etc and honestly, I understand a few words here and there, like "the" and "but" :D and the rest goes over my head.

My biggest problem is I don't know where to start - it seems no matter what angle I come from I am coming in to the conversation/topic halfway through, having missed the beginning. I am trying :D and from what I understand - chronologically, at least - I'm in the ball park! Because John Dee and Edward Kelly set down Enochian well before GD was up and running, and they (GD) developed their system from Enochian, and Thelema was a further development of that . . . yes?

Apologies if this is a) off topic or b) downright stupid . . .

\m/ Kat "trying, trying"