Eowyn's Stroke Of Good Luck Spread (2 Cards)

Glass Owl

I thought that this cool little spread deserved to be indexed (especially on St. Paddy's Day) so here it is!

Eowyn's Stroke Of Good Luck Spread (2)

1. Which is going to be your next stroke of luck?
2. How will it happen?

In this thread, Ramona suggesting adding another card position to this spread:
3. What is the obstacle that I need to look at that may stop this from happening?


id love one :)

Glass Owl

Just a friendly bump for this one since St. Paddy will soon be approaching. I keep forgetting about this little gem and how positive it is, especially for the times when you are feeling discouraged or disappointed.


Thanks Glass Owl, I like this spread because it focus on the lucky/positive side of life instead of problems! I've added a third card: 'what can I do to act in sintony with it/ to take better advantage of it': I don't want to waste any stroke of luck ;)