Episode #46 of Tarot Connection Podcast is Faery-lishous!


I was just catching up on my Tarot Connection podcasts and Episode #46 is all about the Fae! It features interviews with Jeannette from the Tarot Garden, Barbara Moore and others...but they are all talking about our friends, the Fae :D

You can check it out on iTunes, or on Leisa's website, The Tarot Connection. As I mentioned before, it is Episode #46, "All About Faeries". If you go to the website, you will initially see Episode #47 - which features That Dan Guy (but that is a subject for the Talking Tarot board :D)! Scroll down to get #46 - (psst download both :thumbsup:)


:love: valeria


I loved the Podcast!

I am a huge fan of the podcast. I had acutally just recieved my LS Fey Tarot deck like days before the release. I loved the deck and it was when I was listening to that podcast that I had to get the Faeries' Oracle again.

I hope everyone finds the podcast because it is just great information. I have burned CD's and given it to my classmates in my tarot class and that episode is one of my favorites!


That's great, PeterS!

There aren't much opportunites to hear alot about the Fae or Oracles in general, so when I found the podcast, I was all over it like a rash :)