Essential and Accidental Dignities


I've made lots of references to Essential Dignities in the 'Approaches to Traditional Astrology' thread but we don't have a reference for these on the forum so I thought it was about time I remedied that

Essential Dignities

This link takes you to a large table on Skyscript

If you want an explanation of how to read the table then the link below takes you to an explanation

Lilly's point scores and list of Accidental dignities can also be found on Skyscript at:

It's well worth reading the series of short articles but the links will at least enable you to work out the dignities of your own planets.

I'm making this thread a 'sticky' so that it is always around for reference.


Chris Brennan - Hellenistic Dignities

Chris Brennan has posted a table of the Essential Dignities used in Hellenistic times, though most of them survived into the Medieval period.

There are no scoring values such as can be found in later writers, especially Lilly, because as far as I know, these are a medieval addition. There's no detriments either but most of those can be worked out from the sign placement.