Ever had an amazon-order that went astray?



I had ordered the Robin Wood deck on German amazon on 19th November. On 8th December I got an e-mail that the deck was sent but...I never got it! I got all my other items I ordered via amazon but this deck went somehow astray!

Now I am mad as a cat and wonder if it never left amazon, went astray on posting or if someone from the house snatched it away :((

Has anybody also had such unpleasant experiences?


Hi Catlin,

Actually, I none of my orders ever got lost in the mail with Amazon.de, which I use all the time, being in Austria, but I did have an order that did not get processed. Something was wrong in the system.

Anyway, I order books from Amazon.de all the time and occasionally have a question about my complex orders (bit of a book freak, I'm afraid). You can write to them directly and they will answer your complaint/request. I have found that they are very good about it.

It's certainly worth a try.



If that much time has elapsed from your original order, contact the amazon division you ordered from pronto!
I've only ordered a few times from the U.S. division & not had an order go astray.
It has a solid customer service reputation.
My daughter & I were holiday shopping & combined our orders as one, so there were 15 items total. It was not until the first shipment arrived that we realized the remaining items were out of stock & on back order, which made us nervous because the missing items are intended as gifts--figures, doesn't it? The following shipments have been every couple of days, & today 2 small packages of 1 book apiece arrived, thus completing our order--thankfully! The accompanying invoices indicate they were processed on 2 different days & 3 days apart, too. Amazon ships out items as soon as they are available.
I sympathize with you & hope this will be resolved soon!


I ordered a book, but recieved someone else's order (his surname was the next one alphabetically). I called Amazon, they were very helpful, and I returned the books. Next day the book I wanted turned up. A week later, I recieved the book again. I called Amazon, being honest, and was told that they couldn't have made an error being the book was a special order one, and that I had made the mistake. So, I kept it. I tried to return it, was told I was foolish to return it, but Amazon refused to accept it. Seems like someone wanted me to have 2 copies of it !


Hi friends,

Thanks for your support! I finally managed to get through the hotline at amazon.de (after several fruitless tries, all lines were busy) and the guy there promised me to send a replacement.

I hope this will arrive save and sound here! Keep your fingers crossed for it!


All the stuff I've ordered from Amazon.com has always arrived promptly and accurately. It's always shipped by UPS. I keep on record the shipment tracking number and check at ups.com to see the progress of the package from amazon to me. That way I know when it will be delivered.


Catlin, I'm glad that you contacted Amazon.com about your missing order. They're usually very good about replacing things. I had that problem for a while until I figured out that a neighbor was stealing my packages. I couldn't be sure which neighbor and did not want to accuse anyone falsely, so I started having Amazon.com deliveries made to my work address. That worked fine. During this crazy time, Amazon.com replaced a number of purchases! Hope you get things straightened out.



has anyone had any experience ordering used books through amazon? i'm interested in a book that is out of print, but they show several copies of it used, which are actually sold through a third party. the sellers are rated, and the least expensive one is offered by a seller that has a very high "rating", so i'm seriously thinking of ordering it...
luv and light,


YES many a time!. ,I'm sooooooo fed up with them as I have spent ?100's.
I must say that they have been helpful but I never sem to receive my books and I've checked at my local sorting office and with the postman but still no books.

I will try another Co.



I got another Robin Wood deck from amazon right after Xmas.

I am pretty convinced that this scum and f...bastard of my landlord's son has snatched away the amazon package just to vex me. Several other things have disappeard, too, even out of my letter box and I am pretty sure that this foul b... is behind.

Sending stuff to my workplace is a bit tricky as I am still a leasing worker and I do not want to have my stuff send to the leasing company I work for. Would look too funny.