Ever regret Ignoring the Card's Advice..


My morning spread;three cards then, warned me about getting angry. I let myself be provoked and said something that made the guy so furious that he did everything he could to ruin my life and reputation. It went on for one and a half years. I had to move to another city.


I can't say I regret ignoring because I don't think I ever receive a great advice. I used a spread one of these days about my career and both paths are good (one was great, though). I ended up following the "greater path" and it didn't lead me anywhere, so... I've lost nothing xD

I do have "what if's". I did a spread about my relationship with my dad and it was telling me to talk with him calmly (as it seems, we have karma from our past life and I had to let go) because I could have gotten into trouble in the future. I would say everything I wanted to say all these years, but not in the best place or best timing. One of those explosive moments, I guess. So I did. I talked with him and let go of whatever feelings I had in a way to not regret it (and kinda hoping it would change our relationship). It didn't change a thing... At least, apparently. So I'm in those "what if" situations. I swallowed my pride, I did what I needed to do (yes, if we had karma... I had to do something) and it didn't go the way I expected, I guess.