Ever tried out a witchboard?


The metaphysical shop where I sometimes get my stuff plans to offer wooden witchboards made of Teak wood.

Any idea, experience or similar with witchboards?


my advise would to be careful with the ouija board. there is no way of discerning if he entity coming through is is working for the master plan of the creator of all that is or not. there is a movie called witchboard that will show you the inherant dangers of such a device. saying this it can also be rewarding if precautions are taken to learn how to listen to yourself and your guides more.
take care
may the creator of all that is guide you on your quest for reperfection.


jonesy: I remember that movie! It's a scary one... didn't want to go get myself a ouija-board straight away no.

catlin: In teak? Oh, sounds like something I would have bought as a collector's item. However, I would ground both myself and the board before putting it in my living room. One never knows, and it's better to take precautions... I would say go for it! :D

Keep us posted!



Hi aeonx,

Thanks for your concerns but I won't see the board until July as they are still not delivered. Besides, I want to make first experiences with Kiama's physic board before investing in another one.


I have used the Ouija board.

The first person that came on the Board was Anton Lavey. I had no Idea who he was until Il checked him out. He was hot too.

It is a good divining tool.



Yeah, he lived out in San Francisco. Kept two rottwielers guarding the front porch of his house (which was painted black).
I cannot remember, but it seems like it was around the sunset district.

Faerie Lin

I would also like to eventually get an ouija board. I think mainly just to have one, I would probably rarely use it. But I want one that isn't shaped square or round, but one that is irregularly shaped. Anyone know of any good sites where I can find one like this?



The ones I saw in a catalogue were all rectangular but I remember having seen some irregular shaped ones on a Swiss metaphysical site but I didn't bookmark it.


I have also seen round ones, but can't remember where. Maybe I'll buy one in Thailand. :D Have to think about that one!



Ehmm aeonx, I think you'll have a dangerous luggage then: witchboard for yourself, maybe Kali for little catlin.....dangerous freight :D