Everywhere.... Grasshoppers!


ooh!...darn you southern hemisphere types!..



Please don't hate us! Give us your pity. First we have to reverse the seasons, then we have to account for the different movement of the sun (this can really mess around with the elements). Sheesh, life can be tough *giggle*
It's a good thing we are the incredibly intelligent, oh so wise, slightly wacky people that we are. Really!! We are.....


The meaning of grasshoppers

“Ahh Grasshopper, pluck this stone from my hand.”
“But Master, I see no stone!”
“That is because you are looking, and not plucking…”

A plethora of Grasshoppers, (Locust wannabe’s) mean free food. Very edible, lightly fried, with a bit of soy sauce. Quite tasty.