Evil witchcraft finder!!


Dear all,

A couple has recently asked me to do a tarot reading to find out if they are the subject of some form of evil witchcraft. I'm supposed to do the reading at their house in a couple of days, and I am not sure which spread to use.

I thought of just drawing some cards and see if any "witchy" ones come up. But that wouldn't be structured enough, I think. I also don't want to use a regular spread, like say CC, with an outcome card in the end because I feel there would be an underlying assumption that there is in fact some form of witchcraft. I'd use that only if the answer comes out as yes.

I could think about it and devise my own spread, but I'm wondering if there is already a spread out there for this purpose instead of reinventing the wheel.



summerjoy, I was intrigued by your situation and wanted to suggest a simple 3 position, 6-card spread.

The first position would represent "the couple now" with two cards. Two cards would allow for multiple layers of meaning and nuance, and depending on the cards that came up could indicate the couple's psychological or material circumstance, the man and the woman separately, their beliefs and fears, etc.

The second position, also two cards, would be "spiritual or psychic influences that surround the couple." This would indicate the emotional environment the couple is in: family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. These external influences would hopefully shed light on why the couple feels they may be subject to witchcraft.

The third position would give "advice," and with two cards one would again have multiple options to choose from to advise the couple how they should proceed: be reassured, create some sort of protection, settle an ongoing complaint, etc. With two cards, if you got a tricky card like the Devil as advice, you would have another card there to help so your reading might go more smoothly.

If you were limited by time, I think the above spread could work quite well with just three cards.

If you use the spread, I would be interested to hear how things went in a very general way. Good luck.