Example of typical reading with the Quantum


Recently, "mindxb" asked me to read for them with the Quantum - they didn't really expect it to be a good reading deck. The question I was given to read on was how should they prepare tehmselves to end a long period of solitude and become ready for relationships again.

I thought hte reading went rather well, and they seemed ot think so, too. So I thought that, with their permission, I'd place it here so people could have a look at how I incorporate the sciencey-stuff and the unusual visuals into my normal reading-style.

Reading starts now.

How do you prepare yourself.

One card for where you are now, three for the path forward.

The one is <shuffle shuffle> Justice. The dark figure of a woman formed not from substance, but from the withdrawal of light and colour, stands in space, holding a scale and a sword, pointed safely towards the ground. From one bowl of the scale the formula for Planck's Constant drips downwards (we won't get into that here). All we need to know about this is that Planck's constant *never* changes, no matter what you (or the universe) does. Justice is not about rigidity, though, but about having a bottom line beneath everything else (Planck's constant is a very small measurement of energy). Where you stand now seems to be predicated on a bottom line that you will not cross. You are currently alone because you refuse to compromise yourself, you refuse to put yourself into a relationship or situation where you might have to do the "wrong thing" in your own eyes, if not the eyes of the world. You have Principles, and perhaps will not be ready for a serious partnership unless you were to meet someone similarly principled. The question associated with this card is: "What truth do you need to face?" the card asks that for you to think about - it doesn't answer it. I believe you need to dwell on that and on the idea of being very principled at least in some ways (yes, even if you're a shoplifting bankrobber it is possible to have high principles in other areas!) to understand fully your current position.

The path forward towards being ready for a new relationship, as I said, will have three cards. The first thing you will need to deal with as a foundation for the rest of it, is the concept of the Tower. In a blinding blaze of hot golden energy, something not unlike a splitting tower with the sworls of a huge fingerprint over it, bursts through space, a shockwave at its bow. The card is subtitled "Quantum foam" - the fizz of subatomic particles that I discussed very briefly when trying to enable you on this gorgeous deck. At the quantum level of subatomic reality, everything fizzes. Imagine a glass of water. You go to drink it and it turns into olive juice, then into engine oil - extruding through the substance of the glass! At the level of the very, very small anything and everything can happen. Nothing is fixed. Things you rely on, like the taste of water or its containment in a glass, cannot be counted on any more, because at this level particles aren't really particles, they are energy; and as energy, they fizz and pop all the time in all kinds of unpredictable ways. And this is what we build the foundation of our lives on, this constant foaming, the endless bubbling and surging of the energy that is our real inner self.

So how you can progress forward from a Justice-driven present, starts with recognising that the stability you either acknowledge or even encourage, is not really stable at all, but based on an inner turmoil. The question the Tower asks you is "What is shocking you into freedom?" I feel that it is an inner thing that is the answer to that question: you haven't fully realised the action of quantum foam in your life yet, you still feel that the ground is solid beneath your feet. Look for the cracks. Look for flex. Look for the potential for change - it exists, you just don't recognise it yet.

The second part of your journey forward is Temperance. When you finally realise just how fluid your life and your emotions are, how much movement is there, it will be shocking. Temperance, with its gorgeous pink light reflected in the dark waters, teaches you to make peace with this. The shock of seeing yourself change before your very eyes is not something to be resisted, but something to be accepted, received, and incorporated into your inner life to work with your Justice-driven ideals, not against them. They both have something to offer you: Justice is your ingrained sense of right and wrong, but the Tower is your capacity for change. Temperance tells you that the two can work together for your greater emotional wellbeing. This is reflected in supersymmetry, a part of string theory that seeks to resolve anomalies in science. Temperance will seek to resolve anomalies in you, and it asks you: "How have you been tempered by experience?"

What I have suggested as your path forward so far is difficult. I'm asking you to re-evaluate everything you believe in, because the deck feels that doing so is the way forward towards being emotionally ready for a new relationship. When I pulled the card for your final step, I gasped, and considered pretending I hadn't pulled it. You're never going to believe it. you have had a 100%-Majors reading today: the universe is screaming at you: "LISTEN TO US!"

Your last step is the High Priestess. Subtitled "The Weak Force", don't be misled. The Weak Force is one of the strongest forces in the universe, solely responsible for the changing of some sub-atomic particles into others. By analogy, this card is all about evolution, and because these particles are so small, about inner (spiritual) evolution rather than evolution of the body. Like Justice, this card defines the figure by the blaze of light and colour around it: gorgeous pink-red light in layers, looking like drapery around a temple entrance, perhaps, or the tangible fall of blessings around an invisible body. At the bottom corners of the image are twin particles, the Particle of Mercy and the Particle of Severity, or if you prefer, the Particles and Jakin and Boaz. Middle-of-the-road, conventional, centuries-old Tarot symbolism, as is the spinning spiral on the right-hand side, marked "Tora". Gorgeous, gorgeous card.

The artwork in this card is based on a hubble space telescope of a nebula, one that appears a little like a still woman seen from behind. This is not out of keeping with the concept of the Weak force and subatomic particle evolution: nebulae are places where a lot of surging, seething and formation is going on. In the study group I said of this card: "But in her head, new stars are born, and around them new planets are born, and on them are a host of possible worlds. She is not in the world - the world is in her."

There is nothing you can do to rush this process, I'm afraid. You are going to have to grapple with Justice, the Tower and Temperance in your own good time, and there will be no shortcuts. The inner knowing of the HPS will let you know when you are ready to move forward, and will let you know on an intuitive level (below the level of the quantum-fizz of your hormones!) when a potential partner is on the horizon. Alternatively, perhaps your spiritual life is far more important to you in the longer term than your sex-life is, and perhaps partnerships are or could become a side-issue for you. The card asks: "What hidden wisdom to you need to discover within yourself?" You have a few decks? Pull out all of their High Priestesses. Spend time with them - after you've dealt with the other steps. You will know better than I do what this card is trying to tell you.

Go gentle into that good night.