Exploring what holds us back

Pandora MoonRaven

I made up this spread, it is a bit of a variation of other spreads using many more cards. I feel like our inner issues sometimes require more to read from so here it is!

First shuffle deck and then cut the deck in 3 piles and set the 3 piles in a row face down:


Then lay out 3 cards next to each pile like so, each row will be read as a set:

(1) 1**2**3
(2) 1**2**3
(3) 1**2**3

Finally now pick up each pile and face them upside down at the end of each row so the bottom card is now facing up and readable. The cards that were from the bottom of the pile will be read as the underlying issue that you aren't really aware of..a final advice or a clarification. You use your intuition to decide which. Final spread will look like this:

1**2**3 (1)
1**2**3 (2)
1**2**3 (3)

Row 1 - Your darker self that holds you back
Row 2 - The fears you have that can interfere with your success that you need to overcome
Row 3 - Final advice on how to confront these issues and move past them

Fun little spread for the New Moon or even Halloween. I like to use this with my dark decks such as deviant moon, BG or even my wormweird.


That is honestly the coolest spread I've ever seen. You are the best for sure. Thanks :p


I'm going to try this either tonight or within the next day or so. Thanks for sharing it! :)


This is Awesome :). I am just now learning the TRUE value of 3 position spreads ~!

Thanks :)


I really like this I am going to try it out tonight, thanx for sharing Pandora MoonRaven :)


Thanks a lot for this. I love spreads exploring our darker side. I will give it a go.

Pandora MoonRaven

Thanks so much! I don't like memorizing super complicated spreads so I made this up because I felt it was easier. I also like "loose" positions or having more than one card per position so it opens up the reading. Lastly...it is kind fun because it has a little ritual to it of flipping the cards around and feels a little special to me.

I am so glad you guys like it. Enjoy!


I just did this spread and found it very enlightening. At first I worried about the shear number of cards remaining in the stacks, but I found as I flipped through them and took what first came to mind, it really all made sense! I would forewarn an individual that if they don't already have a cursory knowledge of the card interpretations, this could be a very long process!!

Thanks for the spread! (It was also very timely! :) )


Great spread! I, too, like the 3 cards per position ... really added depth. And laying the cards was fun. Thanks!


I've been pointed to this thread, and this is the type of spread I wanted!

I had been looking at the stickies looking for a spread, and I was missing this a little bit below.