Faces all around you


Do you see faces in things around you? Last night I swear I saw an image of a tree on my duvet, the exact tree I've been seeing in my meditation lately. :D Does this happen to you also? Is it real or our mind playing tricks. lol.


In a BBC Documentary they explained that our mind naturally looks for human patterns, such as faces or body shapes, not consciously and continuously. (ETA: I'm trying to say that the mind, according to the show I saw, tries to find a human shape in things such as shadows, trees, clouds, etc.)

So, maybe if this is true, then you have been more connected or more aware of that part of your mind.

Just a perspective :)


Oh yeah, I've seen them in everything since I was a kid- wall paper patterns, the popcorn stuff on the ceilings, in tree bark, clouds, rocks. I see other things besides faces, too.


Yes, I see faces & other shapes & things in everything since I was born. It is my belief & direct experience that the images represent the spirit of the thing-such as the spirit of the rock, the spirit of the cloud, etc. I also frequently communicate with them to gain information. However, sometimes I have seen other spirits visit/overlay a thing that they are not the spirit of. Like I might see a faery spirit in the flowered wallpaper visiting to help me with a quandry, or the spirit of a loved one superimposed over a strangers face for a moment to let me know they are still nearby.

Have you tried communicating with the faces? With the tree?


oh yes. I always see faces or other things in everything! floor tiles, ceiling tiles, doors, trees, and tons of things. As someone already mentioned, it is natural for us to see faces in things, but I also can see things like animals, or cars, houses, etc. that may also be normal, but you can, I think, develop it into an ability to divine as well. Have you tried to do that? It might prove to be an interesting project!


Yes, like everyone else, this has been something which has been with me as long as I can remember (depending on how tired I am) but most people don't acknowledge it and just shrug it off. However, it is light trance, very light and tends to relate to our own personal psychological makeup. Only when we get down into deeper states that information pertinent to others or to the wider world seems to become available.


I see faces in barks of tress too which is really fascinating. I haven't tried divining. It sounds like a lovely idea. I feel I've started noticing more stuff around me lately. Maybe it's a way of opening up to the universe. I see faery faces in random household things, my bed sheet, kitchen, curtains. lol.


and I just thought I was crazy. When I was younger, (only seldom now) when I look at some people their heads will be all different sizes, I mean really really big, or really really small. I told one of my friends about it once and she just asked me "what have you been smoking". I thought it was just my eyesight or something. Has anyone every had this experience?


Me too!
I see many things in the clouds etc.

Many times, just before I go to sleep or wake up in the mornings,
I see just the faces of people, they are very clear but don't know
any of them. Sometimes I'm almost scared because they are
looking staight at me also, but I can't recognise them.

One time, I saw a large baby.
The baby I believe was my grandson but that was the "only time",
I felt anything about a face.