Fae and chakras


What are your thoughts on the faeries and chakras?
Looking at Himself, and many of the Singers, I notice that they have illuminated chakras, usually corresponding with their meanings. I actually get a lot of my meaning by looking at which ones are the brightest, and which ones are absent (look closely at Transfiguration, for example).
I know that Alissa has also mentioned the crown chakra and antlers/flowers/stars and I'd love to know more about this.
Has anyone else noticed the chakra connection, or am I overly imaginative?


I've noticed it too, in many of the faeries portraits, there are balls of energies/light surrounding around them, and some (many) placed at different chakra points. I think my favorite is Arival the Parot, the glowing ball of light at his throat that he is lovingly pointing to, to speak with love.

I don't know much about chakras, but I have noticed this as well, and find a message (sometimes) to these balls of light. Arival the Parot is an obvious one, but there are many others, some obvious, and others, well, not so obvious.

nah, you're not crazy, just a faery friend. LOL.


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I noticed the illuminated chakras immediately when first looking at this deck. It was one of the many things that endeared it to me. It spoke in energy patterns I had already learned, that were easier for me to connect with and interpret.

Yes, many Fae cards have certain chakras illuminated. When I read, I often see which ones draw my attention the strongest, and why. This can be a very informative way of getting in deeper, intuitively, with your cards.

Sometimes, they just all are working. This is a different message. Perhaps to utilize all the different aspects of yourself in order to achieve what you're on the path towards.

It was the abundance of lit crown chakras that first led me towards a dialogue with my Fae about what all that stuff on their heads meant.

When I was sorting cards, early on, I sorted into piles of who had antlers or horns. Who had lit crowns. Who had flowers, and who had tree branches.

What did the groups of Fae have in common?

Meditating on that gave me the thoughts I shared about how they, being astral creatures, communicate/interact so strongly with us through the crown chakra level.

Some of us, in this life, wear flowers on our head. Weak, delicate but lovely connections. They blow in the astral breeze. The slightest hint of a message will dust off their crown chakra pollen.

Some wear antlers, or horns. These are like psychic antennae to the Faery, and act as lightning bolts of inspiration (divining rods of the Divine, if you will ;) ).

(In antler people, when worn but unmanaged by a strong enough ego, these folks are prone to fits of anger and depression too. Their extreme natures seek balance only by swinging from one end to the other).

Some wear lit crowns of lights. Most blessed and pure. These are like psychic anemone to me, they float continually in the astral waters, picking up on every good spirit that happens by. When they are picked up, they light up. That's how I see that.

And then, there are the tree branches. Faery Godmother, the Sage (whose twigs, he assures me, are indeed branches at the opposite ends, funneling power in). These are the ones who have such incredibly strong links to the Divine, that they are indeed always of that world, no matter what their physical guise. They are creatures of infinite, even cruel, compassion. They are Faery guides of the highest order, (but different than Singers, whom I see as also High Fae, but pure energy forms, thought forms).

I hope some of this is helpful enough to continue a dialogue on the fae and chakras, because it combines 2 of my favorite subjects. :)


This is a fascinating topic to me, Alissa, so I am definately full of questions and observations. I've sorted the cards into the different energy patterns, as you did. I'd definitely encourage anyone else o do the same. I've identified about four different patterns and I'll post about my observations when I don't have a wiggly daughter on my knees LOL
This is fabulous info, Sagittarian and Alissa (sisters- I'm jealous!! You must have the best family gatherings)


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Very interesting, Alissa. That -- antler thing rings true.

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Back to the different subtle energy patterns I mentioned.
First, the ones that haven't got a highlighted energy- the gnomes, etc, what I would consider to be the more earthy, heavy kinds
Second, the ones that glow with a beautiful inner radiance, concentrated particularly on fingers and toes. Could this be the ones that you are referring to about all chakras activated and working in balance?
Third, have a particular chakra highlighted with a small glowing light. For example the Singers, but also Himself, Arvil and others. Is it just me, or do others think that the Singers directly activate certain charkas? You know, they speak straight to the chakras.
Fourth, certain chakras are highlighted by stars, branches, flowers etc as you mentioned Alissa, I'd also add the crescent moon to this (Faery Godmother, Dark Lady). There are also a bunch who have dense matter around their third eyes for example, Solus, and was it also Pook (going from memory here)?
By the way, Sag, don't be so modest, you're not so bad yourself LOL


Fairies with inner radience are the lighter kind, the kind that's useful rather than *just* playful. There are many different kinds of fairies and many different kinds of radience. I bet you could make a gnome light up, but he wouldn't enjoy it.

The singers are all energy, it seems, so it makes sense that you can clearly see where that energy is concentrated: in the chackras. I suppose, since they are of a particular energy, they speak to that energy in others, as well. Hmmm... interesting.

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I listen to them by thier chakras, I seem to notice that first about the fae and then the rest of the picture. I see the ones that are lacking any points of light or glowing (like Bodach) and it makes me pull back from them. I listen to what they say by the way thier lights speak to me.
I am posting to these threads in the order they are in the index, so when I get to the individual cards, it will become obvious how much I notice the lights