Fae comfort


Hello wise Fae friends!

You probably don't remember me, I posted here a few times and I've been away for months.

I've been having a bit of a rough time of it. My dear grandad finally died and it hit me pretty hard. I haven't felt like Faeries, tarot, anything really.

Then a couple of days ago I could feel them 'pulling' me, not to do a proper reading, just to put my hand in their bag and pull a couple out.

I did so, and who do you think looked up at me?

Faery Godmother, Honesty and Epona's wild daughter.

I've kept those cards by my bed and feel that the 3 of them are watching me carefully, soulfully, compassionately....sending me some messages of light and comfort, whilst also recognising the darkness of my life right now.

thank you Faeries!!


(((((Greenbeans))))) I remember you!!! Glad you are back. I am sorry for you loss and hope that healing comes soon. Perhaps you have been sent here to get some additional emotional support, some laughs, some learning, and some distraction. Welcome back, I am glad you are here.


Greenbeans, I remember you too. Sorry for your loss. Will keep you & your grandfather in my prayers. Welcome back!


Jewel, Celticnoodle, thank you so much!

I'm glad to be back, maybe I'm ready to start learning and playing again!


hey, there is a Mystery Person Game going on right now! Come & join in! I think it's game #141!!!

oops, it's game #142-sorry!



I remember you, too, Greenbeans! You and your granddad are in my and my Faes' thoughts as well.

Be well and know that we are with you always!

:love: valeria


Welcome back greenbeans, I too remember you. I am sorry to hear about your loss, but I can see that your faeries are taking good care of you. I am sure that as they work their way back into your life your spirits will soon reconcile with your reality. Be well.


thanks for your kind words Valeria and Faerylvr!
you are right, those Fae don't let me stay down for too long and looking through the pack whilst reading posts on here last night really lifted my spirits.

I love this forum!

Guiding Cauldron


i LOVE that name lol,I'm SO glad ur back around here :) may love, light , blessings and fae play be your way. u have my deepest sympathy to youfor your grandfather as well xx


Welcome back Greenbeans! I dont forget you either :D Im sorry for the loss of your Grandad.

A few of us have been away for a little while and it seems at this time we are all coming back :)