faerie divination???!!!



I am a new registered member but been around for a while.
Iam very atracted to the faerie oracle cards. however, i am in search of a set of cards that will allow me to get self-direction and also divination type of readings. I find the faeries oracle, osho zen, Tof Transformation very appealing,a s well as the soul cards.

I guess the big Q's is can i use the faeries oracle as divination? hwo do you do it?what kind of spread or 'technique' can you use with them???





jsut waiting for a reply.I am soeager to get thefaerie set but need advice first, as objective as possible

thank you

Laura Borealis

Hi yaraluna,

I'm glad to see that you are interested in the Faeries' Oracle, because I'm quite fond of them myself! :)

One thing you should know about this forum is that it is an asynchronous environment. You know how when you're chatting (like with IM or AOL chat) you type your message, and if anyone wants to talk, you get a message right back? That's a synchronous environment. This forum works differently. When people are on, they may not even see your post unless they are in the specific part that you posted it in, or unless they are checking the new posts frequently.

Pardon me for talking jargon -- online communties and environments are an interest of mine. :)

What it boils down to, is that it may take a while for questions to be answered. But usually someone does come along to help. :)


fae divination

I read professionally for a local metaphysical bookstore in town. My main deck that I use is my Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud. This deck has given me new directions in life, opened me into new gifts, have shown me the way to better myself (jeez, I sound like a commercial). I use these cards to read for the mass public as well.

How do I divinate with them?

That's a hard question to answer, how does one divinate? Obviously I use my cards as my tool. How I do it, I honestly don't know how to explain "what" I do. I let the cards tell me how they want to be laid out. They usually like to either be laid out in rows, or circles. The information just comes. I see it in the cards, they form images, they move inside the cards, I hear them whispering in my ears, or putting thoughts in my head to tell my clients what is going on and what direction to go. For me, it's a combination of using the cards, but also listening to the faeries around me while in a reading, so channeling information.

I've been reading now professionally at this bookstore for almost a year (it'll be a year in a few more months). The entire time that i've worked there, i've used my fae cards. I'm also thinking about putting together seminars and/or classes teaching about the faeries (not this deck in particular, but faeries in general). No one may never be able to pin point "what" faeries are, but I can sure be long winded talking about them. I'm listening to my guides in what direction I should go with this, what they (the faeries) wish the public to know more about, organizing it and arranging the right times that people will want to come out and hear about the fae. I've had several approach me in the store asking about where they can find some more information about faery magic, and I tell them, I'm writing a book on it now, and that I'm willing to teach them what I know. I don't have enough clientele yet that is interested, but I will soon, I know it.

I'm not sure if this answered your question as to "how" one divinates with the fae, but please post again if you have any other questions about this subject.

Laura Borealis

As far as using the Faeries' Oracle for divination goes... You asked:

"can i use the faeries oracle as divination?"

Yes, definitely. Though the faeries are sometimes capricious, and may twist your question around on you. :)

"how do you do it? what kind of spread or 'technique' can you use with them?"

The book gives three sample spreads, but the faeries are certainly adaptable to any spread you like to use -- and the "draw a card and meditate on it" approach is very well suited to them.

HTH! :)