Faerie Music CD!!!!!


Hi all! I was out shopping with my husband on Saturday and guess what I found (by accident?) ... ~grins~ ... a musical CD titled "Faeries a musical companion to The Art of Brian Froud" (ISBN 01934-11652-2). Penelope Dreamweaver (card 28 from the Faeries Oracle) graces the cover of the CD.

There are vocals to 9 or 10 of the 11 songs. Artists/groups featured on the CS are: Balligomingo, BT, Delerium, Sasha Lazard, Paul Schwartz, Cirque du Soleil, Moodswings, Michael Hedges and Nightnoise. The music varies from a little retro-like to very New Agey. I really like it and thought I must pass this on to you all.


Heya Jewel

Yes, I did see this in a circular over Christmas at my Borders book store, but I just could not find it in the music section. I looked in New Age, Celtic, Soundtrack, Folk, whatever category I could think of. And, of course (me being male), I did not stop an associate to ask for help... yeah, I know, it's in our genetics!! *s*

Did you find it online, and is it possible to listen to samples? I wonder, because some of this kind of stuff can end up being sappy drivel. I was enticed into buying David Arkenstone's Songs from Middle Earth and have found it to be total mush.. I mean, a track entitled Descent into Morder and it just sound like weenie synth drek...

Let me know if you hear how it sounds. I would only appreciate it if it is as honestly beautiful and starkly earthy and less beautiful as the deck, comparable to O! that Gnome... Well, I didn't see Yanni's name on the album, so I guess it isn't that bad..*L*


It's available at Amazon and they offer a few samples to listen to.
Some of the songs are really beautiful...

Originally posted by Jewel
guess what I found (by accident?) ...
Yeah right... Are you sure the faeries didn't have anything to do with it?? :D


Here's another one on Amazon, called Into the Twilight by Woodland. You can actually download two MP3s from this one for free.

And it has The Faery who was kissed by the Pixies on the cover, my favourite... :)


Tarotlady thank you so much for the link!!!! I must have that! Will go looking for it today to see if I can find it locally :)

Khatruman, I do not think I would call it earthy, but it is not sappy drivel*LOL*. I found the CD in the New Age section at Hastings, under various artists. If you are looking for earthy then I would recommend you listen to a few tracks before making a decision on it. I like it because it has variety, from New Agey to retro-like (but not over the top retro which I do not like at all).


Interesting choice of Alegria as the song from Cirque du Soleil. There are a lot of other appropriate songs from their albums, too, in a wide range of styles. I'm a huge Cirque fan, so if your fairies like that song, I can make some recommendations in case they demand another CD...

"Quidam," for one. Really faerylike, at least for me. And my signature is from a song from that show...

-- Kyrielle