Faerie Observations


All Is One suggested that as a Newbie I might want to start a thread on my experiences and observation with my F. O.
So All Is One this one's for you.

I bought my F.O. when it was first released, 2000 I think, and I've been working with it ever since.
These are my personal observations and experiances.
Buying a F.O. is like picking out a puppy-- you don't know what you're going to get. So yours will be very different from mine.
I hope you'll add to this thread of observation because after all with faeries all we can do is stand back and watch the fire works.

Faerie's Oracle is not for wimps.
It's for people who could handle a Rottweiler.
They have an attitude.
They scratch because they all have thorns.
They bite.
They spit.
They pick their nose.
They scratch their butt.
They're messy.
They're that strange smell you can never isolate.
They're illusive, maddening, and endearing, all at the same time.
There's nothing to cuddle up to here.
But there is magic,
And thats what I came for.
They can't stand tears.
And will come together as a group to comfort you.
(One of the few times they get along.)
But take yourself to seriously
Or ask a stupid question.
And you are in for a sharp answer.
They also like to tease.
They will tease you for days before giving you a serious answer.
Usually to keep you occupied so you don't go off and make a big dumb mistake.
They will inspire you.
They will ignor you.
The more you know them the more you don't.
They like Tori Amos music.
And those new lime Lay's potatoe chips.
They don't like vaccum cleaners (unfortunate mishap)
Or trail mix.

I once combined my F.O. with my Fairy Ring deck to do a reading.
It was like pouring vinigar into a bowl of baking soda. (Try that.)
I was mopping up for days----
lawsuits have since been filed on both sides.
So I asked the F.O. why they didn't want to play nice with the Fairy Ring?
I pulled:
Bodacious Bodach and Glanconer Rx
My interpretation:
Because they are uninvited, meddling, sticky fingered, narcissists!
See what I mean?
An attitude.

P.S. I just walked back to my tarot desk and laying there is The Maiden.
I swear on a pile of new fallen leaves I did not take her out of the bag.
But there she is just smiling up at me.
The faeries are very glad I'm writting about them.
They are glad I joind Aeclectic because it is the beginning of new growth and new friends.
They also like you faerie people in this special F.O. sight.
They think you are fun, and have the true faerie spirit.

So we have been honored today with a magical one card faerie reading.

What is you life like with the faeries?
Cuddlie and sweet or like living inside a Gremlins movie?


lark, I loved your descriptions of your Faeries, and how they interact with you in your regular life! Made me grin from ear to ear :D

I dug out this link to share as well, one I started for on my own love of how the Fae continually interact with me in my "normal" world.


Thank you Alissa

That was so much fun to read! I was wondering why no one wanted to tell me about their faeries. I should have done a search first. Your experiences with faeries sound so much like mine. Life is never dull once you buy the F. O. and invite them into your world. Hope to talk more faerie talk with you in the future. The F. O. thread seems kind of quiet. Maybe the faeries are busy undigging acorns. I noticed the squirrels are hiding their acorns but when I go out under the big oaks everyday "someone" has been digging them up...

Squirrels have a reputation among faeries as being none "to bright"

Of course I personally do not mean to offend any squirrel lovers.

Shadow Wolf

I've only have my fairies for about 10 days, but they have been
behaving themselves for me.

And all I can say is that they have taught me more about myself in the past 10 days than I've learned on my own in about 5 yrs.

They really keep me hopping, but in a good way.

They have played a harmless prank or two (mislaying car keys etc.....), and I have heard them laugh at me, but all in all it's been a really good experience so far..........................................