Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC) ~ April 2013 ~ sign up thread


Thanks for letting me know Phoenix.


I think I will have to bow out for April, even though I don't want to miss out on it, I haven't had any time to work with the Fae at all, so any readings I would get to do would be very rusty...

Maybe by May I can join in again.


Thanks for letting me know. :)


Im really looking forward to being partnered, i have really enjoyed getting to know the faeries better and reading for folk, roll on April wooooo x


Okay faerie lovers, I haven't forgotten, partners will be up within a few hours, promise!!


strings of life

I'm in if it's not too late! I just saw this this sign-up thread (and also added myself back to the PM list).


I have posted partners. Remember to tell your partner which spread you would prefer.

xxx Alta


Hi Faery Seekers! As it is the 22nd, just a gentle reminder to check your reading threads. Three partners are complete! yay! A couple are very close and one pair hasn't started. :(

Anyway, the

sign up thread for May

is now posted.