Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): July 2012 ~ sign up thread


Hi Faerie lovers!

I have been mulling over the July Circle round, and you know I like to give the faerie lovers some threads that the fae might also enjoy. Back and forth, wondering about one on finding your faerie guide, but I haven't found a spread I really like on that one. So, I saw this thread and got to thinking it could be transmogrified a bit for us.

Proposed spread for the July round of FSC:
Gratitude Spread




1. Me, myself and I: what is my attitude towards giving and receiving?

2. Going outward: What gifts of true significance have I have given?

3. Going inward: What gifts of true significance have I received?

4. Here I am selfish, holding onto my gifts.

5. Here my higher self shines, here I know when to give and how to receive.
Time line:

Sign up is from now until July 1st.

Readings and feedback due by the end of the calender month but best to try for the 20th for readings.

As always:

- this Circle uses the two Brian Froud decks: The Faeries' Oracle and The Heart of Faerie. You may use either deck, or both together. No other faerie decks.

- the thread runs a calendar month, however I ask that you try and finish your readings by the 20th to allow your partner time to consider and respond.

- don't disappear on your partner. If life issues come up, please communicate with them and me and we can work something out. You wouldn't want it to happen to you.

:heart: Alta

p.s. there won't be an August round unless one of you would like to run it.


I'm in as ususal. And I cincerely hope that everyone not busy but resting on their holydays! :)


If no one else comes, you and I can exchange. :thumbsup:


I do like the exchanges. But i do not like that this is the 2nd time in row echanges went sour.
I would like to linked to someone who will give me more certainty of getting the exchanges done propperly.
If the ecchanges gets sour the next time, it will be the last time i sign in to this circle...

i put a lot of energy in the reading, with these fairies, it hurts me that i did not get a FB...


Sign me up, please!! =)
This spread looks interesting, I'm not sure how to go about it. Hmmm...


Yes, please I would love to do this (sounds like an amazing spread)...


Welcome back MoiraKarin, TsukiSei & Heartlight.

hehe, I fell behind today, and managed to get caught in the rain and got soaked. yuck!!!

daisy chain

hello i would love sign up thx


Welcome daisy chain. Being new to this circle, do you have any questions?