Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): June 2012: sign up thread


Hello faerie lovers! :)

Sorry, May got away on me. Too much going on, but things have settled down again, so here is sign up thread for the FSC for the month of June.

As always:

- this Circle uses the two Brian Froud decks: The Faeries' Oracle and The Heart of Faerie. You may use either deck, or both together. No other faerie decks.

- the thread runs a calendar month, however I ask that you try and finish your readings by the 20th to allow your partner time to consider and respond.

- don't disappear on your partner. If life issues come up, please communicate with them and me and we can work something out. You wouldn't want it to happen to you.


Sign-up: starting now.
Partners assigned: when I get around to it on June 1st.
Readings finished: June 20th
Feedback due: June 30th.

Suggested reading spread for this month (I changed it a little):
Acacia said:
Harry Potter Hogwarts spread

Layout is like the school crest (by Bridget)


1. Hufflepuff--(just and loyal). Here you act from the heart.
2. Ravelclaw--(quick wit). Here you act from your head.
3. Gryffindor--(brave). Here you are bold.
4. Slytherin--(cunning). Here you seek your own ends, regardless.
5. Hogwarts--Here it all comes together// a synthesis of you.

Source: http://www.tarotforum.net/showpost.php?p=2465576&postcount=9


You made my day with this spread. I'll gladly join in! :)


Hi steamwings! *waves* :)


count me in, please! :D


please sign me in for this spread


Sign me up, please! This looks like a fun spread!


Hi celticnoodle, MoiraKarin & TsukiSei! Welcome back. :love:


I'm in. Thanks Alta! :)