Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): March 2012: sign-up thread


Sign-ups now closed for March

Hi Faery Lovers (including a couple of excited newcomers!),

Time for the sign-up sheet for the March round of Faerie Seekers. Please, those who haven't had time, finish up your February rounds. :heart:

Sign-up: now through end of February.
Partners assigned sometime on March 1st.
All readings should be done in time to allow your partner to give feedback.
Everything wrapped up by the end of March.

Looking through some spreads, I found another 3-carder and it looks good to me. Hope you all like it too. Please read the instructions and ask questions if not clear.

by Amaral & Cunningham in "Tarot Celebrations"

This is to find where your partner's "golden shadow" or highest potential is.

a) Shuffle the cards asking: Where is the Querent´s highest potential?

b) Cut the cards in four piles: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

c) Search through the piles and find which pile has the Unity card if you are using the Faeries' Oracle or the Queen of the Golden Bough card if using Heart of Faerie. That is the realm of the highest potential.

d) Then shuffle just that pile and lay out three cards:


1) What aids me in developing my highest potential?
2) What hinders me in developing my highest potential?
3) A possible outcome once you have formed and developed your highest potential.

As always, please keep in touch, don't disappear on your partner.

Sound okay? If not, please post questions in the thread, others might be wondering the same thing.



I'd like to play please, Alta :)

It looks a very interesting spread.

strings of life

Me too!

ETA: My Heart of Faerie Oracle has gone missing. Oh, where did the fae goe? I'll have to pass on this exchange in March. I know they'll turn up...

Have fun all.


Welcome oak_woman & aurarcana! yay! That was quick. :)


Oh yes please and thanks!!!!


Me too. (really interesting spread). Thanks!


Welcome Heartlight and merissa_88! You are added & glad the spread looks good. :)


Thanks for messaging me, Alta. I'd love to join in again.


Add me to the list please :)