Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): September 2012 ~ sign up thread


Hi again Fairie lovers!

Having taken August off, I hope you are set for a fall outing with the Faeries. :)

Time line:

Sign up is from now until September 1st. (whenever I do it that day)

Readings and feedback due by the end of the calender month but best to try for the 20th for readings.

As always:

- this Circle uses the two Brian Froud decks: The Faeries' Oracle and The Heart of Faerie. You may use either deck, or both together. No other faerie decks.

- the thread runs a calendar month, however I ask that you try and finish your readings by the 20th to allow your partner time to consider and respond.

- don't disappear on your partner. If life issues come up, please communicate with them and me and we can work something out. You wouldn't want it to happen to you.

Suggested spread as we move into September:

Messages: (adapted from the "All Ears" spread in the 2002 Llewellyn Tarot Calendar)

In the hurry and confusion of everyday life, it is easy to miss messages from our intuition and messages from the fae. This spread is designed to help us listen to and clarify these inner whispers.



Cards 1 and 2: represent the particular distractions and blocks in our lives that prevent us from hearing, or hearing clearly.

Cards 3 and 4: represent ways we can remove these blocks and open ourselves up to the messages our intuition and the fae are sending us.

Card 5: represents what we need to know right now! Look on it as a guide post for moving ahead. In other words, this is the message we are missing.

:heart: Alta

Tarot Fairy

Nice spread; I love to join!


I'm in!


Looks great, Alta! Sign me up! :)


I'm in. Thanks Alta!



ME TOOOOO!!!!!! yes well I couldn't come up with anything more clever for the title line :))


And a huge welcome!!! to Tarot Fairy, steamwings, TsukiSei, merissa_88 and tempestatiseye.

autumn star

I would like to sign up, please :)


Hi autumn star & welcome back. :)