Faerie Seekers ~ Signup for Sept 24th - Oct. 8th


Welcome back to the Faerie Seekers Circle! :)

It's been awhile so I thought that a three card spread would be good to start out with.

The spread suggestion for this round was created by Gwynne.


1. Where am I now?
2. What is keeping me here?
3. How can I get moving?

Just to refresh...

This is a two week round.

Partners will be posted on September 23rd.

Feedback is required.

Participant must have 25 posts AND two weeks membership to be able to sign up.
*Subscribers to AT are not under this particular rule.*

Please PM your partner to decide who opens the reading thread.

And it's very, VERY important that you have FUN!

Who's playing this round?


Oh Great!!!! The faerie seekers is back.. :D But I wont be able to join in this round as exams are coming up.. :( But I'll definately join in the next round.. :)


woohoo!!!! The Faery Seekers are back.

I am especially happy because apparently I can't read tarot for toffee at the moment.


I´ll sign up, please.


sign me up


can I play?



**Silding in with bells on!**

majah kahlana

**runs into the room breathlessly, keyboard in hand**

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sign me up please and so glad you are back. Hope you are feeling better now?


I'd like to join this round please.

Thanks WhiteRaven for organising this.