faeries, and my goodness else!


well well. after some time of having the faeries deck (gracias Chronata!) I had to pull them out yesterday. i was very very blue myself and felt the need to talk to someone. of course that all led me to talk to the faes.
Now, it was an amazing experience. and i am just starting. you know doing the -group them together excercise and else. but i am very connected to them. i the trickster group that i set up they were complaining about putting them on the floor for the excercise without having vacummed first! talk about picky!:)

it was such a nice experience that only got shortened by the fact that i had to make dinner b/c a friend was arriving from out of town. otherwise, no telling how many hours i would've been there with them! hehehe!

I think that aside from following the exercises in the book, i will be doing a 1 to 3 card spread each day or so, and a faerie guide for a day -card meditation. i am just going with the flow.

I noticed that ever since i got them in the mail i didn't pay attentio to them b/c of my personal problems(you know, life) but the push and weird things happening always told me that i had to do something about these faeries.

Now my fav card so far is Himself. and the least fav is the one with the peeking eye guy. Sorry but haven't meemorized names or anything yet, i go by feelings and intuition.

sorry for the loooooong message. i'll keep you posted.



Welcome to the world of fae. Glad to see you join us, and no need for the apologies, this is a forum site after all ;). Definitely keep us posted. And thank you, I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps myself as of late and really want some one to talk to, but not willing to just talk to anyone, and for some reason talking to the fae never even crossed my mind. I think for me, what i really want is the comfort of some one else "agreeing" with me, and that i'm not "wrong", or if i am wrong, or done something wrong, then what it is i have done.



another Sag!

Hello Sagitarian!

well, guess what? i am a Sagitarian too! no wonder the blues hitting us lately. i never realised the effect of retrograde planets on us people. that is why i want to learn more about astrology hehhe.

so my update....
yesterday was a good day until got into 'discussion' with partner. after a while of it, i had to go outside to talk to my Mesa (inca medicine 'altar') outside. so i took her out with me to the garden-in -progress and did a little companion-talking with it under the moon light. I love the moon. and i have found that the fool moon doesn't affect me negatively or otherwise , but the new moon does! i have to look at my chart and see when i was born again.

anyways....after a little with my mesa, i had had hadhad to get my faeries oracle out and cleanse them and offer them to the moon and gaia. i did the same with the osho zen that i have now. my faeries loved it and were screaming for it!!! i put them on a pile of dirt surrounded by grass in the garden( soon to be garden) with a 'piramid' shape rock i found by the river in my last teaching direction, i lit a tea candle that i had in my mesa and smudged with some 'palo santo' ( a veeeerryy nice bark from south america) and there i sat with them for a little bit. 'we' then finished and still they wanted to stay out for a while. so, we sat under the moon light for a bit.

and i will continue my journey of faes!!

a very calming and needed experience for them and my Self. thank you for listening. and BTW sagitarian... iam her eif you want to 'talk' check y site or PM me

may you be well
in munay



Oh Yaraluna! I am so glad you took the faeries out to talk and connected so wonderfully with them!

I have been looking forward to seeing your posts here in the faerie appreciation circle!

You're not still feeling blue are you? I have to admit that day was not my best day either...
(especially with the Bodacious Bodach and the Soul Shrinker around me.) :(

Giving them a little "moon bath" seems like a wonderful idea as well! And I would love to know more about your mesa...what does it look like?

I hope you are having a better day now...and I hope the Fae are helping!

Peace, and Blessings always!

diane drizzy

Hi Yaraluna!

What a wonderful feeling it is to connect with the faeries. I do a daily draw and then I focus on who I got for the day. I sometimes ask myself what they would do in a stressful situation, but watch out if I get the green woman. :p

P.S. I'm also a sagitarian


Greetings, yaraluna!!!
Pleez do keep us posted on your up- coming garden!
We wanna know what it's gonna look like w/the ooh..soo-verry- interesting- sounding mesa(less it's a personal matter;then by all
means, I withdraw t/?, w/re: to your privacy;lol...)
and... a warm (belated) "welcome" to the world of fey!!!
hope ta' hear from ya' sooon!!!


my faeries, my mesa...

Thank you for your replies. I have been sleeping with the faes by my side since then. i had the daughter of the moon last night for bedtime stories. that's what i call it anyway. i draw a card and put it on the top of pile beside my bed so she/he can guide me in my dreams and communicate that way. That is the part that is more 'developed'-should i dare say that- of my "psychic" abil.
Although i must admit that since working with the Inca medicine it has been quite a ride in challenges and learning experiences!

My faes like my mesa and i think my mesa likes them too! hehehe!
my mesa is a bundle of rocks wrapped in a specially symbolic cloth. each rock is 'transformed' into a cuya-medicine rock- in groups of three per direction. i may be able to send you a B/W pic of it as i am working on a photo project of my group's mesas!

well, gotta go now and get my "fafotda" (faerie for the day) and go on errands. i;ll keep you posted as much as i can 'cause now i really got into the digital collage tarot making fever here. i think i have been directed to a theme that is very personal but universal.
i'll post that in the other threads.

blessed be
in munay