Faeries for Inspiration


After Soul Shrinkers and my success with the Queen of Cups for the Second Aeclectic Collaborative project, and after long thought, I requested to do a second card ... the Queen of Wands. As I fretted over what to make her look like and how to really design the card I asked the faeries for inspiration ... I was in the car and put on my Faerie CD that Khatruman made me so I could think about the card, and then had an urge to look at the cover of my Woodland CD ... there beaming back at me was "She who Was Kissed by Pixies" ... with her jovial and sweet smile. And the ideas started flowing. I now have a full concept of the card, and yes ... my Fiery Queen will be fey :) ... Just thought I would share.


Most wonderful news!

Khat's CD must be full of Fae inspiration. I put it on the other day while musing over some choreography ideas and found it extremely helpful in sparking a few new ideas.

I hope the Fae will continue to inspire you Jewel! And don't forget to tell us all your Faery tales when They do.


Alissa said:
I hope the Fae will continue to inspire you Jewel! And don't forget to tell us all your Faery tales when They do.
Same goes to you! :) ... I hope you get over the funk that tarot reading put you in so you can return to communing with your faeries.

What type of dance are you correographing?


my writing

Lately I've been wanting to dive back into my writing. I've been thinking a lot about Ta'Om the Poet. But other fae that come to mind are as follows and the message they give me when it comes to writing.

Ta'Om ~ what more needs to be said, he IS the poet and the very inspiration to those that have the gift to write.

Losgunna ~ Dive into the unknown and experience what you feel. Let your heart go on it's own journey and don't worry about finding your way back. Experience is the utmost importance of writing for it is what we experience that we wish to express.

Arval ~ Communication...always communicate, even if it is through writing words on paper vs saying them. Communicate with the true emotions that you feel.

The Piper ~ Don't ask why, just do. Play the instrument, perform your talents and don't stop. Don't ever stop listening to the musice that you can create inside your own soul. It's what defines you from being seperate then any others. Play it for those that will listen, but mostly, play it because you need to as you need to breathe.

Himself ~ Expression and passion. The sweet intermixture to come forth and passionately express your inner most thoughts and feelings, allowing them to surface and displaying your emotions for the world to see. Be proud of who you are and your talents.

Lys ~ The sweet savior of lost souls. She has had to save mind more then once in the darkness, but it is in that darkness that I write about the most. The darkest corners of my being that I can not deny, but I can not dwell in for too long, otherwise, it will swallow me. Yes I know this fae well, she's helped resecue me more then once.

Spirit Dancer ~ for the complete dedication that she puts into everything she does.

Iris of the Rainbows ~ This one is a very private message, but know that she inspires me as well.

Ekstasis ~ This fae popped out and wanted to be part of my inspiration as well. I don't know this fae, nor his message, but I accept his inspiration regardless.

And I'm sure there are more that are unnamed that surround me that inspire me in all of what I do, not just my writing, but in being a mother, a wife, a friend, and all the other roles that I have and will play out in my life.

Thank you for such a great thread jewel!

Hey Khat, how can I get a hold of one of your fae cd's?


You know Sag .... interesting that you bring up Ta'Om ... I have had him come up in my daily draws 4-5 times in the last couple of weeks. He has been pretty active this year for me too.