Faeries Oracle ... aah, what a disappointment


Ok, you can all hit me, but you should know I tried, I really tried...

Because I have wonderful friends they gave me the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud, together with the book, a set I looked forward to for some time. I read all the reviews anywhere on the web, I read the threads here, all the people raving about it, and when I saw the breathtaking beautiful online scans I decided this is a must have. Apparently I miss something significant in my life if I don't have this set. I looked and looked at the cards online, and most of the time I liked them a lot as they already seemed to be some sort of friends! For example Himself, Ta-Om, Indi and even the Shrinker looked like interesting faearie folk and I looked forward meeting them. Some other cards I had already seen did not speak so much to me, but as many sites said: "the scans do not justice to the beauty of these cards..."

So I got the cards and I read a first bit of the book while I had the cards in a rough spread in front of me. I did as suggested, I stopped reading and grouped the cards in a way I found interesting. Then I already felt something in my stomach, a little annoyed ball inside, jumping up and down (anyone recognizes this?), that almost never happens unless I am deeply bored and disappointed. I found the pictures artistically very talented done. Brian Froud IS an amazing artist! But they did not speak to me. Not one of the faeries, not even my online favorites... It is not that I have problems with some so called not so nice pictures or characters. I believe too that all has its place in life and that includes unpleasant messages as well, for the good in the end. But they are just pictures of... well, what shall I say, pictures of faeries. Just plain nicely drawn pictures. Any tarot deck I have speaks with a louder voice (do faeries have a voice? The book claims they love singing.) And maybe it is true and I am not choosen to hear their voices, perhaps because I don't listen well enough.

But how is this possible? How could I have been so wrong? I really read sooo many reviews and out of hundreds of opinions I only remember one not raving about this deck. And that was one of a very young girl who seemed a bit afraid of some of the characters. So I am a freak? :) And now I don't know what to do with the deck.

I pulled three cards a day, I put specific cards in sight so I could get used to them, and yes I feel familiar with the pictures now. Still just plain pictures, although beautiful. But I tend to see the beauty less and less because I am so disappointed. In the overall deck, in the faeries, in myself. I want to get rid of them and had planned to trade them away. And then I change my mind and think: well, why don't you give them a real and new chance.

Anyone who has some suggestions to improve my relationship with the Faeries Oracle? I know I am biased now, but I will give me and the cards an honest chance once more. Or should I give up and live long and happy ever after with my already very nice and loud-speaking collection? Anyone?



Hi dwaas,
even i am a newbie to this oracle. I just got this oracle from a lovely At member in my xmas parcel.. Though i am not very very familiar with this deck like the other members due to lack of time, but i am truly in love with it. I mean it connects beautifully with you. Whenever i get a chance to play with this deck, i remove a card for a general advice and get very accurate readings. It is as if the faeries can read my mind without me knowing and then they are guiding me. I mean i feel as if they are my well wishers and my guides and true friends.. If i am upset about anything, im sure to get the answer from this deck without even asking for it..Maybe you should give it another try. Give this deck another chance. Dont see the cards as mere cards but see them as real guides helping you and giving you advice.. As the book says that magic is not in the cards, the magic is in you.. Truly believe in them and i am sure they will make their presence felt to you... Just give it another shot and im sure you will start loving it.. :)


First off....I think you need a hug...lol..(((())) and White Raven gave me some exillent advice yesterday.....breathe.....

There is nothing wrong with you! Maybe....while I love this deck...it just might be to busy for you. Me I don't connect with the Singers that well.

Sounds like you had high high high expectations for the deck. I can understand that. I have gotten decks of oracles and tarot that people have just loved and raved about and have hated them with an passion.

If you really want to work with this deck..put them away for a day or two and then come back to them. Or look at the tons of other fairy decks out there that are less busy. There is even some wonderful Fey Tarot cards out there if you would prefer to go that route.

Maybe one of the other Fearie Oracle readers here will have better advice on how to "play" with the oracle. I just wanted to stress the part that it is okay not to like a deck and feel disappointed that you don't.


Hi Dwaas :)

Here's my story....

Someone that I know here in AT did a Chakra reading for me with the Faeries. This was my first encounter with this Oracle. When I went online to look at the cards that had been drawn, I was not taken by them whatsoever. I thought, nope, this is NOT for me.....besides.....Faeries???? I'm an adult here...I don't believe in Faeries.....so I left it at that.....then time went on and I heard and read this and that about this Oracle....and then one day it went up for trade in the trading forum.....I said to myself....what the hell...I need an Oracle to add to my collection anyway...so I traded for it.....When I got it here at home....opened the box....looked at the cards....did the exercises that are in the book....I totally connected. I fell in love with them...all of them....So, it seems to be opposite to what you're going through....

Before I started reading for others with this deck....I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of this deck....right down to the most mundane detail....couldn't get over it! Now I read for others as well as myself....I have had a couple of really good readings with this deck.....and then I have had some that just don't make any sense to the querant....so with that said...you can have an off period.....or a warming up period....I wouldn't give up on the deck or the Faeries just yet.....give it some time....I don't know when you got it...but this time of year with everything that's going on right now, it's hard to connect to anything really.....I suggest you just wait till things settle after the holidays....and give it another try....as Geeeeeooooo Slooowww says..... ;) :)

You might be surprised......you just have to "believe" :)


I had a heck of a time initially with some of the cards in this Oracle -- and still haven't gotten so far as to do more than a one-card draw for anyone else because I have a hard time when I see them in a spread -- someone else said, "too busy" -- and I do have a sense that I'm trying to sort out all my impressions with it. I've begun to realize that this is a sort of stress-reaction that happens when I think I should see something or be getting something, and feel that I'm not. But then, well... I took a heck of a long time to connect with my first Tarot deck, too, and then suddenly I really connected. I do this one-card at a time thing -- i.e., hang out with one card for a long, long time till I begin to connect with it...

Funny, too. I really connected with the Singers almost immediately, and nearly anything with pretty wings... but have had a harder time with some of the less colorfully drawn faeries. Not sure what that's about, but then I'm not sure it matters, either. I do know I tend to like very colorful decks, and often am drawn to greens, blues and purples in particular -- perhaps this explains it. I dunno.

All that said... I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with you. We're all just different, and sometimes it takes awhile to connect with a deck, and sometimes we just don't connect at all... Honestly, I have one deck that causes me to shake my head every time I think of it... Not colorful, and the pictures are too abstract for me. But that's okay. I have other decks I can read with and I guess I figure that the real problem would be if I couldn't find any insight in any of them... ;)

Happy Holidays,



Hi ! I just had the deck given to me as well and had looked forward to having it !
What can I say ? I hated The English Patient (movie) and I also disliked the stage musical "Cats" and I do not care for the Faeries either. I cannot even spell it properly. I think the cards are odd and ugly ! What can I say ? I would hate to walk in the woods and meet any of those characters.


memries said:
Hi ! I just had the deck given to me as well and had looked forward to having it !
What can I say ? I hated The English Patient (movie) and I also disliked the stage musical "Cats" and I do not care for the Faeries either. I cannot even spell it properly. I think the cards are odd and ugly ! What can I say ? I would hate to walk in the woods and meet any of those characters.

Maybe you should sit down and really study the history of faeries :).



don't beat yourself up, not everyone likes the same things. I have found this out personally. I have tried this Oracle twice now. Nope...nilch. However, I LOVE LOVE my Fairy Ring Oracle. Most people prefer the Froud's but not me. Some artwork just doesn't speak to everyone. Just remember....fairies need lots of attention...maybe study it a little more, but if not, move on ;)

Red Emma

Faeries Oracle

Dwaas has more internal fortitude than I do. I was just going to keep my mouth shut.

After reading about the deck here at ATF for a couple of years, and from people I respect, I decided to buy it. Could hardly wait for it to come. Studied it for several weeks, tried a few layouts. It just didn't work for me.

I wonder if it works best for people who, themselves, are a little fey. And I'm just much too much the Queen of Swords. I seem to approach life from the intellect. Which, very likely is my loss. But I can't change my eye color either.

I gave my deck to my women's spirit group for a Festival of Lights raffle. I understand that the woman who purchased it is very pleased with it.

So now, at least here in Portland, everyone's a winner in the situation. And SisterSpirit, my women's group, made a little money in the bargain.

I admit to having a bit of regret that fey was left out of my genes, but there it is. You just have to play the hand you were dealt.

Best wishes,

Red Emma.


As a moderator of this forum i should be ashamed....

... to say I had to give mine away to a better home!

I did like the pictures, I thought them fascinating and all, but I just could not connect for a reading. So when i heard from someone wanting them desperately, I decided to send them there and I know they found a good home there. They are loved better now :)

The funny thing was - soon after that i got a package from another lovely AT member - including a deck of fairy cards, different ones, with which I am way happier.

The fairies found their own way back into my life and now the insolent little devils }) constantly remind me to clean up my house :p