Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Favorite Card


My favorite card Himself

1. What is the emotional atmosphere of the card? It is primal, masculine, Shamanistic, curious (like a child who was raised in the wild who see a flashlight for the first time).

2. What might be the physical manifestation of this card be? The god of the hunt. better yet in some ways Tarzan from the books (not the movies) strong wild, gentle to the ones he cares for. yet when he learns of the world of men he is honorable and chooses what is best for his love vs what he wants for himself..... Yes! Tarzan.

3. What do you see in the card's symbols that might represent the mental characteristics? Well I see lights at the heart third eye and crown chakra and that leads me to feel like it says open your heart, eyes, and mind to the universe. I also see the horns which are a strong symbol of masculinity and the god who leads us to the crown just before we pass. I am gonna say the last part and it hit me like a ton of bricks ( I am very pagan by the way and I hope I wont offend) But the last thing I see here is a crown of lights and leaves which looks much like the crown of thorns that Christ wore, and he committed in the eyes of Christians the ultimate act of compassion and fatherly love. So what do I feel like this all says about the mental characteristics of this card Compassion

4. What the spiritual characteristics? God Archetype, masculine divinity, male compassion, the balanced male aspect.

5. What do you find most appealing about this card? His lips that almost come to a smile he says, "Come run with me and I will show you a bit the world, and we will talk."

6. Is there anything that you find uneasy about this card? His eyes how they have a hint a red it feels like simmering aggression or maybe animal like wildness ready to take form at any moment

7.Any other ideas or impressions about this card? Strength, Wild magick Sacrifice

I have to say this and it may sound wierd there is something very seductive about this card.


Favorite card - 38. Laiste, Moon's Daughter

Bought the deck a couple weeks ago. I just did the favorite/least comfortable cards last night, so thought I'd add to this thread.

I had many cards I really liked, but ultimately Laiste, Moon's Daughter won out.

Emotional atmosphere: Happy, relaxed, playful, contentment in simple satisfaction of life, daydreaming

Physical manifestation: Pure enjoyment of solitude, simplicity, appreciation of what's here and now, fulfillment, love in oneself as is, not hiding the raw animal power within

Mental characteristics: simple, clear, one-dimensional (I have to say though, I have a hard time understanding what mental characteristics truly mean)

Spiritual characteristics: healing (internal) and awareness of what is given. Appreciation. Connection with animals (as part of us, i.e our animal instincts).

Most appealing: Glowing faerie, uplifting feel (wings, tail), liveliness in how much joy is on the faerie's face, playfulness in expression. Looks like she's happily talking or flirting with someone. Even the head she's laying on is happy that she's there. Her ample healthy body.

Uncomfortable/Unappealing: She might be daydreaming and unrealistic, selfish (caring only of herself), her playfulness might emotionally hurt someone.


My most appealing card is 50, Arval Parrot. I see him as safe, welcoming, friendly, wise, wanting to talk and share his friendly wisdom. He might manifest in life as a friend you can talk to, a teacher or confidant. The aspect of life he could represent might be knowing when to speak and knowing when to keep silent. The symbols that stand out to me are the bright light at the throat, his hand pointing to it, the bright sparks at the tips of his antennae, his friendly-eyed grin. His spiritual characteristics seem to be warmth, understanding. His smiling eyes and the inclination of his head are the things that I find most appealing, while the pointing to the throat is most uncomfortable as it suggests to me the need to keep quiet and only say words that are worth saying. He uses his antennae to determine when to talk and how much to say.


Geo the Slow

I haven't done this exercise in a while. I did this and was surprised to find that my current favorite is Geo the Slow. I have to say, I identify with that right now. Taking things slowly, as they come, learning from all around me, smiling as I walk along my life path.

Good to be here and just wanted to share.


Faery Godmother

Faery Godmother

Aside from the obvious 'magickal solutions' draw of this card, I also get a lot more from her.

Emotional characteristics - soothing, rescue, redemption, peace, love and warmth, wisdom

Physical manifestation - things put to rights, an injustice overcome. The arrival of a grand opportunity for a hearts desire. Fated outcome. Synchronicities and god-touched situations.

Mental characteristics - silver birch crown and owl on the right shoulder are symbols of pagan wisdom. The silver birch is a particularly feminine wood with mystical powers. It glows in the full moon owing to it's pale bark connecting it to luna. Crescent moon makes the fairy godmother mistress of the intution. Her crown is illuminated showing connection to soul energy and intuition accessing the mysteries of the universe. She shines with moonlight indicating illumination of the mind. The Godmother carries fruit in her hands, what she knows bears fruit in the physical. She has the power to create. And within her robe she shelters others offering protection and safety. It is safe to trust the intuition.

Spiritual characteristics: The faery godmother is the master of manifestation and even in its most banal form (the granter of wishes) she is still powerful. She represents the power we can acheive over our own lives once our intution is married with wisdom. And not only is she power but she is tempered with the desire to protect and serve a greater good, that of the souls purpose. The fairy godmother never grants wishes unless they are part of the path and more than mere objects are the result. She is power without greed or avarice.

Most appealing: Her luminosity, her crown of wisdom and her kindly disposition. She fills the entire card and seems enormous, extending beyond it. Yet is she is welcome sight, a beacon of wholeness. She has everything she needs and she is focused on what is right in the higher scheme of things.

Uncomfortable/Unappealing: Only the tainted idea that she is an easy way out, someone to intervene in our lives and rescue us. The tantilising temptation of solutions without effort or understanding, instant gratification. If she were poorly aspected in a reading then she could represent this.