Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Favorite Card


re: rhiannon

Question #1: Emotional atmosphere: Intensity, Foucs, Passion, Sexuality, Sensuality, Invitation. - i think we were thinking along the same lines here, although i didnt think much about the senseality of it, although one of my initial thoughts was that he *is* GORGEOUS :D lol

Question #2: Physical manifestation: Passion, whether sexual or otherwise in life. - i dont know...i think looking at the card he does look passionate, but i never thought it.

Question #3: Symbols: 3 chakras have stars. Crown of stars or light. Integration of mind and heart. Horns indicate a wildness.... - the wildness makes a lot of sense, i couldnt think what the horns could be. my mind totally blanked, heh. but yeah...i think a wild-ness aspect would add to both our feelings towards the card and the description in the book.

Question #4: Spiritual characteristics: Mental focus, heart focus. Evoking passion for life in self and in others. - the focus i saw, but again with the passion. it does make a lot of sense when i look back at the card.

Question #5: Most appealing: His facial expression and his eyes, the invitation to join him that these express. - his eyes are beautiful, i agree. theyre totally...like you're going to be pulled into them.

Question #6: Not appealing: His passion is so powerful and all emcompassing that you could get swallowed up in it. - understand that feeling, heh.

Question #7: Other impression: Issues of control. - i understand this. i cant quite get my head around it but i know what rhiannon means...there's something there.

sorry if that was all a bit vague...i definatly think rhiannon saw something that i didnt, but i understand. i see it. :)


comparing notes

Jewel, you're right. I think both Hush and I came pretty close in our interpretations. They both have to do with power, and that is what Himself is all about. Hush's description set me to thinking about the "dancing the gate open" thing and I agree that this might be what you are perceiving as sadness. Self sacrifice can be a sad thing, but Himself knows that it is for the greater good, so it can also bring him joy.

(added after reading Hush's response post: Hush, you also have to consider that I'm about 13 years older than you! ;) So I can certainly understand if you've had limited experience with passion. Try thinking of it this way: do you have a particular hobby that you love? Tarot for instance? Or a sport? Don't you feel very strongly about that? Think of Passion and intensity in that way. That was more of what I was getting at. But Himself is also the Great Father, and that's where the sensuality comes into play. Thanks for your response to my posting!)

I also checked out your little Indi, he's so cute! I think he's been sitting on my shoulder for way too long! I wasn't able to choose what was best for me for quite awhile. I finally let others make the decision and now I've moved past it, but I'm sure Indi will be back! ;)

faunabay, the Green Woman was in my favorites pile for a little while too. I love her attitude as well, she's just so free! A few of the others I liked were Oh! That Gnome and Solus.

I'm loving everybody's takes on the cards!

Rhiannon :)


This is so fun! thank you both Hush and Rhiannon for exanding on Himself. I feel that when I come accross him I have a good idea about him.

Rhiannon, if Indi comes to visit you again just give him a little attention and he will help you out. He really is a sweetie :). Indicision is only one aspect of him, he is a quite deep little guy :). He knows how to shine in darkness (his little sparkles).


Green Woman

Keep on lol , faunabay cos the Green Woman was my 2nd pick too - a very close race. I just love her, probably cos I come into the "older age group' and she is telling me - Hey you're never too old to be right in there. Definitely a take me as I am ATTITUDE.

The wisdom of age and and an ever young spirit.

I'm really enjoying this


Jewel and Everyone.....

I love all your interpretations about the cards. I'm glad to see my post made it over here. Thanks Kaz!! It's up in the middle for those of you who haven't read it yet about the Maiden. I agree Jewel, she does have such a sweetness about her. Looking forward to participating more in this group.


how many people are in the study group? i just counted 12 but im thoroughly out of it so it could be a lot less or a lot more, lol.

but anyway, do we wait until everyones posted before starting on the next one, or what? humph.

(not trying to rush anyone or anything..)


Hush said:
how many people are in the study group? i just counted 12 but im thoroughly out of it so it could be a lot less or a lot more, lol.

but anyway, do we wait until everyones posted before starting on the next one, or what? humph.

(not trying to rush anyone or anything..)

Not sure how many are in the group, but it is an ongoing thing so we'll get new people and some may be unable to participate for a while. But we all just go with the flow.

Hush if you want you can go ahead and start a new thread on the Least Favorite card. I have not had time and would really appreciate it if you or someone else could! :)


I just got my Faerie Oracle!!!! :) :) :) and I really love it!!!

I am going to go back and read all the posts, but I didn't want to be influenced by what I read... since I see that one of my favorite cards is pretty popular as a favorite around here.

I actually picked two favorite cards, as I couldn't decide on just one. (c'mon, give a gemini a break!)

my two favorites are.... Himself... and Epona's Wild Daughter....

okay, ... here goes:

Emotional Atmostphere:
Himself - intensity masculine
Wild Daughter - free-spirited, playful, healing

Physical manifestation:
Himself - isn't he sexy?
Wild Daughter - isn't SHE sexy? haha

Cards symbols:
Himself - well, the charkas, of couse, and his "crown of light" (to replace the thorns?) ... also, he looks to me like the Horned Man... the intensity of that masculine energy that was litterally passed down (via sacrifice) to the next in the "blood/embodiment of god" line... and now done so, symbolically (via ritual) ... also, the wreath upon his head... The Greenman, The Stang... the Goddess's counterpart. gee. I like this guy.

Wild Daughter - Her luminosity, her wings, her crown of light... the position of her body.... the tail... seems very sphinx-like and sexual. she's leaning over a woman who is bent over (mourning, perhaps?) and I see her as giving her strength to her... also, the owl, a symbol of wisdom, power, and nightime secrets

Mental characteristics:
Himself - Intelligent, perceptive, pure spirit
Wild Daughter - self-confident, sharing her strength with her "sisters"

Spiritual Characteritics:

aw, heck. I think the book is breaking it up into too many questions, and I'd just be redundant....

okay, moving on...

what I find least appealing about this card...
Himself - he seems like he's got a misty saddness around his heart.
Wild Daughter - can't say really anything... although I think she's look awkward if she stood up and walked around on her hind legs... she seem like she's mean to crouch, like a lion (or, again, sphinx) -- but that's being really nitpicky here.

okay.... that's it! can't wait to read what everyone else has written.


My favorite card was Tobaira of the waters. The look of her face stairing down at the water just made me love that card. She looked so thoughtful and at ease. And the card is just so beautiful.


*LOL* Joya250, I see that this deck has done to you what it has done to me :) ... I look forward to reading your posts.