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Spasticgirlie said:
My favorite card was Tobaira of the waters. The look of her face stairing down at the water just made me love that card. She looked so thoughtful and at ease. And the card is just so beautiful.

Hi Spasticgrlie, did you answer the questions on pgs. 18-19 of the book with your favorite card? if you did, we would love for you to share them. That is what each of us have done so we can share interpretations, help each other identify new aspects of the cards we might have missed, etc. Thanks!


Yes actually I did answer the questions. I dont remember the reason I didnt put my answers down when I posted so I guess Ill just put them down now.

Tobaira of the Waters

1. I thought the emotional atmosphere was thoughtful and happy. I also found peacefulness, loneliness, loving, wanting and a bit of anger. (the anger that I found is in a little face that has water being poured onto it by some accompaning faeries on the card. I almost passed right over this)

2. I thought the water was representing life. Solitude. A simpler life with order. More peace.

3. Mental characteristics (i kinda didnt understand this question so i wasnt sure if i was answering it correctly) the blue and the brown; faces. It is complex and multideminsional. Confusing. I found the blue and the brown kinda go against each other but compliment each other perfectly. And i love the colour blue.

4. Spiritual Characteristics: compassion and questioning

5. Most appealing: The look on the faery's face. She was so content being by herself looking at the water that she held in her hands. This is what drew me to the card in the first place.

6. Unattractive: the angry goblin face

7. The card I find is calm and soothing.


My Favorite Card

Whew! I finally get a few minutes to share with y'all. I did these exercises when the group first formed and have been trying to get them posted ever since. Every time I sit down and open up these threads, I get interrupted...phone, doorbell, something.

This deck has really reached out and grabbed me. I'm developing a strong bond with it very quickly. :)

It was hard to choose a favorite. I took a very long time going back and forth between two of them. But I finally decided upon...

The Faery Godmother

1. What is the emotional atmosphere of the card? The emotional atmosphere of this card is one of lightness. It is calm and friendly with a touch of excitement and magic in the air. The colors are cool and serene…purples, blues and whites. The Faery Godmother is smiling.

2. What might the physical manifestation of this card’s symbols be in someone’s life? What aspect of life does this card symbolize to you? The physical manifestation of this card in a persons life might be transforming a negative into a positive. It could be developing the life one has dreamed of, much like Cinderella’s faery godmother did for her. Helping her to make her dreams come true.

3. What do you see I the card’s symbols that might represent the card’s mental characteristics? The stars in the illustration seem to sparkle with hope and enchantment. There is an owl for wisdom because the Faery Godmother has the wisdom to know if your dream is in your best interest or not. There is a chubby cat…companion and familiar. There is a scrawny little guy hidden in her robes indicating that if we insist, we get our dream, even if it may not turn out to be as beautiful dream as we imagined it to be. If we insist, we get it…which is why the owl is important. She holds a crystal ball…knowledge, insight, and intuition. The apple in her other hand reminds us that the magic we ask for may not be good…as in Snow White. The flowers on her head show connectedness to the Earth. The Crescent Moon for the hidden knowledge of magick. This is a powerful and benevolent woman. However, she’ll grant your wishes for good or for ill. So be careful and approach with an open heart.

4. What are the spiritual aspects of the card’s symbols? The spiritual aspects of the cards symbols are hidden knowledge and wisdom, good verus ill. Reaping what we sow.

5. What do you find most appealing about this card? I find the stars sparkling like a crown around her head to be the most appealing thing on this card. There are many hopes and dreams that sparkle out there like diamonds to be had for the asking.

6. Is there anything you find uncomfortable or unappealing about this card? The thing that I find unappealing about this card is that little scrawny guy hidden in her flowing robes. He reminds me that I should be careful lest I get all that I wish for. She has great power for good, but without limits and control, things may turn awry.

7. Have you any other ideas about or impressions of this card? Optimism and beauty. Making my life what I want it to be. Seeing the magick around me and taking hold of it.



#37 Tobaira of the Waters


This card speaks to me about the healing that occurs when we take the time to rest and rejuvenate. Taking the time to pause after a period of activity and reflect on the experiences and integrate the lessons we've learned. I think it asks us give a thought to the quality of our sleep and the nature of our dreams .
remembering to allow playfulness in our attitudes allows us to move foward in joy. Your inner life is as important as your outer life
although this this card does suggest an outer stillness to me an inner movement is implied introspection meditation and sleep are our times of inward movement . Also it seems that this may have something to do with relationships to the younger women in our lives our daughters and sisters and friends how we nurture them
and teach them about honoring their inner woman and what they teach us about or remind us about our inner girl.



Chana Tobaira of the waters is my favorite card too! She is so happy and content with the water in her hands. And she is just beautiful. I feel happish just thinking about that card. Did you notice that unhappy guy in the picture?


Tobaira of the Waters#37


I think that this card is trying to tell me about the value of resting and replinishing . After foward motion there is a need for pausing to reflect on the lessons that have been learned. I see the need to examine the quality of my sleep and the nature of my dreams .
nothing alive is ever completly still but it seems that an outer resting is in order so that inward motion such as meditation daydreaming and introspection can begin This is a card of healing
it reminds me to keep playfulness in my attitudes so that when the time comes for me to move foward or even backward is at hand i can do so joyfully. I also see that it speaks to the nature of relationships with women younger women daughters, sisters and friends and to understand that they look to us to see how to honor their inner woman and we learn from them how to regain the exuberance of our inner girl...... Possibly this card may speakof the need to look into matters of health (just how is the stress of daily life affecting us. )



i reiterate what I said in the universal card section about faeries in my 'puter because here is my earlier post that I couln't see before so i wrote a second one....... Sorry all



Unhappy guy...

Hi Spasticgirlie,

I saw him I think that's what we all look like when we forget to play......



This is great!!! I love it!!!! ~does a little faery dance~ This is so cool, because as we get more poeple I get to learn about more cards. I have not gotten the Faery Godmother or Tobaira yet in my daily draw so these were new to me. Thanks for sharing!!!


My favourite card must be #16 the Bright Mother.
I immediately loved this card. Not surprisingly it reminds me completely of the Empress, "my" tarot card.
It's very peaceful, calm, positive, relaxed and nurturing. It's full of female energy. It's fertile, loving, creative.
I see it as literally motherhood, but much more than that. It's for someone going through a fertile, nurturing or creative period- someone who is giving birth to a project or energy.
I find many of the stern male symbols and obvious phallic symbols in the background confuse this image for me a little. Perhaps, it's not just about the birthing process of creativity and nurturing, but also the actual creation of a new energy (for which you need the male input).
Anyway- they niggle me so much- I see them and that fact as significant.
I completely identify withthe main female figure. Her hair is similar to mine, with flowers in it. While I'm not as curvy as her, I have curves. She also has a flower where I have my fairy tattoo. I love the little child in her hand- who reminds me of my daughter Tiana- my little fairy princess.