Faeries Oracle (Froud) - Universal Card


Moving right along, lets share our impressions with the Universal Card, just as we did our favorite and least favorite cards (questions on pgs. 18-19 of the book).

Our next thread will be "Putting it all together" where we take our favorite, universal and least favorite cards and put the reading together :) ...


My Universal Card was The Maiden :). Prior to reading the book this is how I defined my impression of her:

1. The emotional atmosphere of the card is happiness and innocence. It is peaceful and serene.

2. The manifestation of the symbols of this card in someone's life would be child-like excitement. Reminds me of me when playing with these oracle cards *LOL*.

3. What I see in this card's symbols that might represent its mental characteristics are the Maiden's smile, the halo of sparkles, the wings, her nudity (innocence, nothing to hide), and that she is flying on a leaf (her ability to dream and believe).

4. The spiritual characteristics of the card's symbols are innocence and wonder.

5. What I find most appealing about this card is that it makes me feel like I am looking at myself as I sit here playing with my oracle cards. I love the sparkly halo.


7. Overall this is a precious little card. The colors on her wings and their shape are gorgeous and suit her perfectly!


On my original list I listed this card as the Dark Lady but that was before I realised I had to turn them face down so had to do it again.

My Universal card is She of the Cruach.

I wish it wasn't because I just know I'm not going to be any good at interpreting these abstract ones. Haven't looked at the book so here goes.

Emotionally I find it peaceful and soothing - all that blue.

Know the name is influencing me but this has to be a feminine energy. Cruach sounds like a bowl or chalice and I can see this in the card - the womb, nurturing, loving.

Physically and mentally she works from the heart. Light reaches out - caring , healing in words and actions.

Spiritually it is about finding peace, healing, perhaps nurturing the gifts we can use to help others.

What I like best is the sense of peace I'm getting even though its really quite an active looking energy.

Nothing unappealing except the fact I wish I understood it better.

Jewel - I see what you mean about the Maiden's looks. I've never really looked at her properly before - now that I am I don't think I care for her much - I mean, such a talented artist could have drawn the cutest kid ever - this is going to bring forth some outraged comments from her fans!!!!!!!


Universal card: The Sage

This card felt very warm under my hand, that's why I picked it.

Q#1: emotional atmosphere: Gentle intensity. He wants to teach. (added later: but you have to ask him, he won't force his knowledge on you. and you have to be willing to pay attention. he's patient, but you won't learn if you can't listen.)

Q#2: physical manifestation: He has information he knows will be useful and helpful. He wants to share it, but gently, not with lectures. He wants to SHOW you how.

Q#3: symbols: he looks similar to the Green Man. One eye appears to be blind. A small smile is on his leps even though he looks like he could be a bit stern also.

Q#4: spiritual characteristics: Teaching and evoking questions. Wanting to share one's wisdom and experiences.

Q#5. most appealing: He looks both young and old. Gentle and stern, fun loving and serious all at the same time. He was one of the ones in my "favorites" pile.

Q#6: anything unappealing: nothing. He's a very comfortable card. Like an old friend, or even a blanket. :)

Q#7: other impressions: I think it would be very hard to disappoint him if you were his student. He has so much patience, and he would learn from you as you learned from him.

I really like this card! The Sage is just so Homey to me. He reminds me of warm fireplaces and bearskin rugs, terry cloth robes, slippers, good books and hot tea or coffee. MMMMM, so comfy to be around. He's like a big comforatble chair! LOL, I don't think he'd be offended by that, he's probably chuckling as I type it!

Hush, I hope this helps you deal with some of the issues you were having with him. ;)

Rhiannon :)


No offense intended

mooncat2 said:
Jewel - I see what you mean about the Maiden's looks. I've never really looked at her properly before - now that I am I don't think I care for her much - I mean, such a talented artist could have drawn the cutest kid ever - this is going to bring forth some outraged comments from her fans!!!!!!!

Hey Mooncat! I hope I did not offend anyone, it is simply what I saw, and as I noted I was stretching to find something unappealing. Overall I think it is a cute card and do like her. She has very positive and loving energy. I hope I have not ruined this card for you :(

By the way, I had She of the Cruach as my card of the day yesterday and I agree with your perceptions of this card. It is right on with what the book says :)

Rhiannon, I really like the Sage as well! He was in my favorites pile as well. Great take on him!


Re: Universal card: The Sage

Rhiannon said:
Hush, I hope this helps you deal with some of the issues you were having with him. ;)

hehe, i understand where you're coming from. i still dont like him, heh, i s'pose being 15 its my rebellious side coming out against anyone authority-like *L*

eep, unfourtenatly i dont have time to do this now. im in a rush and it takes a lot of thought and time (for me at least, heh (all that typing ;)))

but I'll be back soon to do it!!! :)


hi. I just picked my universal card -- Taitin the Sylph. I spread my cards all over the floor (that needs to be vaccumed, but I'd much rather play!) and moved my hand over them, trying, like Rhiannon, to sense the one that felt the warmest. Interestingly enough, yesterday I asked "what farey was closest to me / most easily accessible" and drew the same card! :)

I have to admit, I didn't go through the exercises, because I had already looked up the definition yesterday. Very fitting though. ... "mental and psychic abilities may be awakening."... gee. I hope so!


re Maiden

Jewel - no worry - your comments just sent me looking - Disappointed is probably a better description of how I felt - its the eyes********* I want a cute little thing with enormous eyes filled with wonder***what do I get****** a teletubby with squinty eyes and a smug grin***** oops, doing it again*****its all her fault**shes making trouble ***** she's the fairy of my inner child getting her own back because I ignored her for so long!!!

Rhiannon - Love the Sage, too. I think Hush might be right about the age thing. Bordering on Crone Sagessity ( hopefully) I guess I relate to him . I want him for my guide.

Keep smiling. I love this group


#11 Singer of Transfiguration

My Universal Card is the Singer of Transfiguration.
1.) I believe this car has a peaceful quality to it.
2.) This card could represent a new beginning.
3.) Since this card is more abstract I think it gives a clear. Also red stands for fiery passion.
4.) I believe this card could be a healing one.
5.) The thing I find appealing about this card is the red faery.
6.) The only thing I find uncomfortable about this card is not knowing what it stands for yet.

After reading the meaning I see this card represents success after a long struggle. I really connect with this card.

As far as the Maiden card, she is my favorite. I love her look. She reminds me alot of my youngest daughter.


My universal card was faeries of the future I think. Im not sure because I dont have my little notebook around me right now. But when I looked at this card I remember seeing jealousy in her face. She did turn up in a reading somewhere for me atleast. If she wasnt my universal Ill inform all of you what it was when I bother to go get my notebook. hehe.


re: universal card

64 - gawtcha

emotion: playful, mischevious, shy, hiding his trueself by being the faerie joker, insecure?

physical: playful, childish but wise, hiding, blocking people out but willing to let them in with his one little eye peeking out.

symbols: the branches in his hair - earth, nature. his pose: curled up hiding but peeking out.

spiritual: intuitive, games, light heartedness

appeal: just drawn to it. colours, composition, feelings, playful-ness, makes me *feel* different.

un appeal: nothing.

i read the explanation before i done the exercise (*hides from jade* ;)) but because he had been bugging me all day.

he had slipped out of the deck while i was holding them, he spent the day whispering in my ear, he kept coming up everytime i went near the cards, and then he drew me to him as i was doing the universal card exercise. i really did feel the warmth and draw coming from this card.

he's really pushing me to trust my instincts.

(sorry this was all a bit late)