Faeries Oracle (Froud) - Universal Card


My universal card was Undressing of a Salad. Which was very appropriate for the time (and still actually :) )
He's balancing the balls on each hand and shoulder. He's paying attention and working at it, but it doesn't seem to be too troublesome for him.
I actually didn't see a whole bunch in this card other than that. Which is strange because there are a whole bunch more faerys in it, but all I could focus on at the time was the faery in front with all the balls.
I had someone not too long after drawing this card tell me I was acting like a ping pong ball, bouncing all over the place. After that, when I look at this card I see him balancing ping pong balls. LOL


My Universal Card

The Lady of the Harvest was also one of my favorite cards as I went through that exercise. She was in the top 5 cards. BTW, she sure looks young to be the Old Woman/Crone. ;)

The Lady of the Harvest

1. What is the emotional atmosphere of the card? The emotional atmosphere of this card is serenity amid activity.

2. What might the physical manifestation of this card’s symbols be in someone’s life? What aspect of life does this card symbolize to you? The physical manifestation of this card in a person’s life might be peace and serenity in the midst of life. Even though many types of events swirl around a person, they can be centered, focused, and serene in dealing with the normal activities and situations of life.

3. What do you see I the card’s symbols that might represent the card’s mental characteristics? There is a focus on nature in this card. The colors are earthy, and all the faeries are involved with flowers, plants, trees, fruits…harvest. So this card speaks to being practical and doing what needs to be done in a natural sense. Approach situations in a down-to-earth manner.

4. What are the spiritual aspects of the card’s symbols? The spiritual aspects of the cards symbols are to respect nature and live in harmony. Pay tribute to Earth for her provision and to God for the miracle thereof.

5. What do you find most appealing about this card? I find the serenity on the face of the Lady to be the most appealing thing on this card. Her face is soft, yet full and sensual.

6. Is there anything you find uncomfortable or unappealing about this card? The thing that I find uncomfortable about this card is that some of the faeries around her appear emaciated. This seems counter to the abundance of the harvest.

7. Have you any other ideas about or impressions of this card? That perhaps the emaciated or snaggle-toothed faeries remind me that I need to be diligent in my care, or the harvest will be less than I desire or expect.


Universal card #5 She of the Cruach

Hi all She of the Crauch is my universal card also, first glance it appears to me as a fiery figure sitting in a wine glass or goblet then as I keep looking my eye is drawn to the lower triangular part which reminds me of a wide female pelvis which is also shaped like a bowl then i see a woman shape with blue hair with arms upraised in a gesture of receiving ........ So maybe this card is saying we should be open and receptive to the gifts of the universe hmmmmmm... (maybe I shouldn't say this but the first time I saw cruach my mind said crotch LoL) I get the giggles now
just thinking about that. This is a very beautiful card lots of energy
but very soothing ....



Universal card #5 She of the Cruach

Hi all, i seem to be having trouble posting, i had already replied to this but well.......anywho

i don't know if I can answer the quetions properly with this card because it is very abstract but i can tell you what i see.. When I first looked at this card I saw a firey being in a wine goblet the second thing I notice is the triangular shape in the lower middle appears to me as a wide hipped female pelvis another bowl shape I also see a larger form with with arms up in a gesture of receiving so that i think this card has a lot to do with nuturing and being receptive to the gifts that the universe is offering. Also and maybe I'm stretching but if i go with the imagery of the larger being those stars or lights put me in the mind of chakras and the
star that would be at the heart is the brightest or strongest
So then I would say that it has to do with Loving with a sense that all things are connected

Now on to fix my other post well no matter it gives me a chance to look again and clarify my sight just as I did here.


oh my welll ...........

allrighty then they're both here hmmm i think the faeries have gotten into my computer ( hope it wasn't the smarmy remark I really ment no offense)



My universal card is Mickle a Muckle.
I find it a happy silly card, joyous, friendly, humourous, laughing. enjoying without thinking, seeking pleasure, light, non serious, playful kindhearted.
I see it as someone who is following a lighthearted path of fun, happiness and pleasure. they pay no heed to thinking or listening to shoulds.
There is very little mental activity going on- just look at that face! They are just going with their feelings, experiencing, being open to pleasure and fun.
While his face is very happy and smiling, it's absurd and silly. He looks really unintelligent.
Just the kind of person I would have little time for in real life- but strangely just the kind of energy that I need in my life!!



(I don’t follow the questions very well, but I did my best to try and follow them)

My Universal Card is Solus. When I first looked at it I didn’t realize it was one of the singers because it has much more to it’s features than the others.

The emotional atmosphere is that of being firm and resolute. It is a very masculine card.

The blue eyes are very striking, coming out of all that redness. And I notice the single star at his throat/chest.

The most uncomfortable part is that he seems emotionless, or even haunted. He’s handsome, chiseled. But empty.

But the star… hope?


Undressing of a Salad

1 stressed not an unhappy stressed tho.Knowing exactly what he is doing.

2 balance, order

3 complex, multi-dimensional..not confusing just in-depth

4 key words i thought of when closing my eyes..i just could not come up with something spiritual....hunting, looking, seeing, the something I don't know

5 dimesions, balance, many faces

6 vague expressions


Universal Card

I picked my universal card face down.. It stood out to me because the back was slightly darker than all of the other cards so it kind of pulled me to it.

My card was 11. The Singer of Transfiguration..

1. emotional atmosphere: first stage of healing, fresh blood

2. physical manifestations: going through a change or phase, changing yourself

3. mental: complex and confusing, maybe chaotic

4. spiritual: coming out of the darkness, emerging

5. appealing: I liked the shiny points of light

6. unappealing: the lines look like veins and arteries, reminds me of blood.. ick hehe

7. maybe it's a painful transformation but it has to happen.

~I don't know, I don't really connect to it just yet. Maybe in time I will.



Oh! The card you chose was one of the two cards I had narrowed my favorite card down to. I totally love the Singer of Transfiguration! :)

The red "wings" are soft yet vibrant. The sparks of light remind me of connecting with happiness. This card reminds me of radiance and being lifted upwards.