Faeries Oracle (Froud) - Universal Card


Major Tom said:
6. Uncomfortable? The alien looking creature on the bottom left of the card.

7. I seem to be invited to play. :)
Hi Major Tom! :D The Alien looking thing is The Pook ... go pull both cards and look at them ...

It appears you have been welcomed into their world ~grins~. It is a really cool place.


Universe Card

My universe card was Geoooo the Slow. I don't have the card in front of me right now (shhhh I'm at work and on the forum LOL) BUT I do recall that he has the grandpa quality to him with that smiling face and even that nose LOL. I definitely get that leisurely, stop and smell the roses vibe from him. He looks like he would have a hearty old laugh also. I always picture children around him too even though that not in the card (tho maybe they are hiding in those bushes behind him ;-)) This card made me realize how in tune I am with the deck because if ever I had a life path lesson that I cannot seem to learn sloooooooow and patient is it LOL.


My universal card is "Lys of the Shadows"
I have her picture in a light wooden frame (got this awesome idea here from the Forum, sorry, but I forgot whos idea it was) for a few days now, so I can look right at her if I sit infront of my PC.

First of all, this is really a beautiful card. Her face is full of compassion and very warm and understanding. Since Lys is the patron feary of social workers, therapist and healers, I right away knew I could count for her help, since I am a spiritual counselor. x_x
Lys speaks about not to lecture other people, but to "listen" instead. Her right hand pushes lightly at the edge of the card, which reminds me that we can show other people directions, but we should not push them. It's more of a gentle nudge (hope that's the right word) which she teaches, so we and others find the answer in ourself.
Lys wings look like moth wings, which tells me of the beauty which lies in things we don't notice at first. Sometimes a second look, a slower look can open up true magic to the eyes :) Lys talks about beauty in our lives and pictures of candles, a new moon and quite nights come up to my mind. Her presence feels like a warm coat if I look at the card.
I love how her heart chakra glows (love) and the light on her crown chakra (wisdom). Her fingers are filled with healing energy and I can hear her say "Everything will be just alright."

Two days later I felt I should draw a card fom the FO, and since I didn't have a important question, I asked what I should be mindful of as a spiritual counselor.
Guess what card came up...
Lys of the Shadows X_X
Thanks Lys for showing up in my life and for your lessons to learn.


I pulled the Faery Godmother for my universal card. She was in the middle of all of the cards and it just looked perfect, my eye kept coming back to it, so I turned it over.

1. What's the emotional atmosphere of the card?
Kind, stern, elegant.
2. What might the physical manifestation of this card be?
Order, choice
3. What do you see in the card's symbols that might represent the mental characteristics?
The starlight, the dark tone, the peach or the crystal, the serious owl. Deep.
4. What are the spiritual characteristics?
5. What do you find most appealing about this card?
Her patience/patient look.
6. Is there anything you find unappealing/uncomfortable about this card?
The others waiting.
7. Any other ideas or impressions about the card?


My universal card is Solus

1.The emotional atmosphere of this card: tranquil, knowing, peace, inner strength, wisdom.

2. What might the physical manifestation of this card be? Someone who has clear knowledge of who they are they walk the path of light without fear. He is a fatherly figure who will show you the path and speak peaceful words that calm your fears so that you may walk it as well (his eyes remind me of my Reiki teacher).

3. What do you see in the card's symbols that might represent the mental characteristics? What I see is the red coloring it reminds me of fire. Fire is destructive but it is also cleansing, makes the ground fertile for new growth. Fire can also be used for divination and attaining a higher knowing.

4. What are the spiritual characteristics? personal growth, psychic awareness, Higher thinking, peace.

5. What do you find most appealing about this card? His eyes

6. Is there anything you find unappealing about this card? there is a light at the bottom of the page it may be his true form or like Orval the parrot something to do with communication I wish I knew which one.

7.Any other impressions about this card. A deep melodious voice, dreams some thing about dreams that I can't put my finger on like he would visit
you while you were on a shamanic journey or dreaming or in ritual to speak with you.