Faeries revisited


After Marion's and Bobbi's reading, I took my Faeries out again last night and absentmindedly threw some cards for one of the spreads in the book (p. 194). I was quietly thrown by the cards and their meaning.

I haven't touched the Faeries for about 9 months, and then quite desultorily, and the deck's response to me was very touching.

Atraea, I was taken by your explanation of the energies around the Faeries Oracle. It is very plausible.

Anyway, I plan to spend some more time with this gentle, teasing deck. How interesting that it came my way again the way it did.


"Gentle and teasing" is such a lovely and accurate way to describe this deck. I haven't interacted with the faeries in a long time, but I'm experiencing the urge again -- thank you for this timely nudge!


My friend borrowed my Faeries deck a week or so ago and I'm really beginning to feel lost without Them.

But what I can't understand is, how can anyone live for months and months not touching the deck without Them driving you batty??? Mine pester the FRILL outta if I skip even a day or two of daily draws.

In any case, I think it's wonderful the Fae are calling to people again. Perhaps this was a busy summer for Them, the whole Fae forum has been quiet for a long time. Fall is a wonderful time to tie up loose ends, finish things, &/or get back to work (if working with this deck is really "work").


Alissa, I understand how you might wonder about that! Speaking just for myself, I collect decks and can get distracted by new ones. But there are some that I always return to, and the Faeries are among them.


Reynolds' message

I asked the Faeries who Reynolds was, who sent him, and the message he had for me.

The cards were 40 Honesty; 20 Green Lady and 52 Rarr.

Reynolds .....as Honesty.....he is giving me a direct, clear and compelling message from the Dark Lady She is there to accompany me through something I will be released from, perhaps reborn? Rarr will help me use my remaining time wisely and to greatest effect.

I have not done many readings at all from this deck so I'm not sure about this. The rain is pouring down outside now and something is telling me to sleep. If anyone else has ideas about this please tell me. A litttle voice is telling me to simply sit with these cards now.


Reynolds sounds like an extraordinary bird alright....

My stab at the situation and Fae cards:

Honesty sent Reynolds to you. The message Reynolds is trying to deliver to you is one that comes from a "pure" source.

The Dark Lady reminds me much of the High Priestess. The same inner wisdom, passive knowledge kinda feeling. But, the Lady uses her sexuality with her wisdom and energy.

The Rarr's message to me is often that it's time to take a new look at a situation, to go at it "upside down and sideways" in order to get a look at it from right side up, so to speak.

If there is a core issue that presents itself with all of this, try turning the whole thing upside down to get a new look (?).

(geez ... I'm posting this, but it sounds kinda wierd and feels off, energetically. Sorry Moongold if this is competely random).


Thanks Alissa,

Sounds fresh and interesting, entirely plausible.

Ruby Red Slippers


Working backwards…Rarr…….RARRRRR, Sounds guttural, doesn’t it?
Or would it be Tap Tap Tapping on your window…."here I am, look at me"…..Reynolds sounds like he has a little Rarr in him…LOL Pure potential energy, non-discriminatory also. He is hard to ignore. He seems to have captured attention and drawn you to him, ignoring other things ……

Honesty asks us to be honest first with ourselves. So maybe Reynolds is saying, “Now that I have your attention” ahem, (throat clearing), are your being honest with yourself?” Perhaps there is some ruminating that you have been entertaining lately, and Reynolds wants you to “look” again, with an “honest” eye.

The Dark Lady implies that you have already done the “releasing” with the Lady of the Harvest” and now you are in limbo. Perhaps by being “honest” with yourself and “focusing” your attention and energy the Dark Lady will lead you out of limbo and into a new phase of your life. The Dark Lady moves us in stillness & peace. Perhaps she is waiting for you to achieve that state.

Does this make any sense? As always, the faeries are personal to each…so sending Fey love to you across the world…When all else fails, ask The Faery Godmother, I always do!

Ruby Red Slippers


Thank you.....both of you....Alissa and Ruby RS. I am quite new to the Faeries and feel there is a complete new world.

Ruby, since some of the readings most recently I feel as though the Faeries have reached out and I've turned to them again with interest.

As I write this The Dark Lady and Honesty are looking at me as though they are here.

And Reynolds is actually hanging from my window screen in the bedroom. Just hanging there as if he is listening to the tapping of the keyboard and our thoughts.