Faerieworld Festival (Frouds) in May


As I was browsing Mystic Wicks, I saw that there is going to be a faerie festival in Arizona in may with the Froud's most likely to be there. I'm so envious of the South Westerners!!! hehe Just thought everyone would like to know!! :)

Here's the link to the thread I'm talking about: Mystic Wicks-Faerie Festival

edit: To make it easier, you can by pass the above link and go here http://www.faerieworlds.com/

here's Frouds regular page: http://www.worldoffroud.com/


Wow! That sounds amazingly interesting! Too bad I live much too far away... :'(

The word envy isn't even strong enough for me... :p


UH OH!! There may be a trip in my future!! :D

Jewel - Oh Jewwwwwellll!! ROFL

We need to check this out!!



oh wow. Thank you so much for posting this. I live in Arizona, but I am about a 2 hr drive or so from Sedona. Think I see a road trip in May. Now, to convince the husband. Starts whispering ideas back and forth to the fae and giggles.



Bumping this thread incase anyone might swing by the Faerie Festival. Happening May 10th 10 AM -10pm!

If you do go, please post about it! :)


I wish but for me its Oceans Away :)


It's a short day's drive for me, but unfortunately I don't think I can do it. I just don't know if I can get away for it. :(

But my happiest thoughts go out to any who do attend, and sag, if you GO which you SHOULD take pics and tell us all about it, ok??


actually, even though i'm a 2-3 hr drive from this, i can't go. sighs. I already promised that i'd watch a friends kid over night on friday, and even if we weren't, honestly, we don't have the money for the gas, food, etc for our large family that would be necessary to go. Also, there's the issue of the children taking naps, getting tired and bored, etc, as their still too young to enjoy things of the sort. So i think we're going to have to skip out on this one, even though it's something i would LOVE to do, it's not going to work out for various reasons.