Faery Newbie


OK - I have to admit, I am a bit impulsive. I have been on the boards for awhile, surrounded by Tarot most of my life, only recently rejuvenated by Tarot and completely mystified by Oracle type decks. My confidence lately has increased and my desire for intuitive readings accelerated.

When I looked toward non-Tarot type decks, I was drawn first to the SoulCards (which I picked up from special order yesterday) and then to these (which I finally found today).

Speaking to a middle-aged, male, oracle newbie, where do I start? The 0 card is supposed to be my self-created guide, but I am very, VERY non-artistic.

I expect to comb this forum over the next few days but any help to get started would be appreciated. Bear in mind I have a very structured background and I am trying to break free from convention.



Hi Dan
If you aren't very artistic, you might cut pictures out of magazines to make a collage type O card.
Let your intuition lead you to your choice of pictures.
That would get you started on the right path.

I commend your bravery in being chosen by the Faeries.
There is nothing conventional about them.
While tarot may be described as the Fools Journey.
Working with the Faeries is more like an orgy on a roller coaster.

So if you want to break free from convention you're in the right place.
And remember ~You can never step in the same river twice.~
I don't know what that means but Losgunna (card 39) told me to tell you that.
She said it is you first lesson in Oracle Intuition.
So when you figure it out, let us all know....


Welcome Dan! :D

There's a lot of threads here to help you while you get to kno wyour new deck. As for where to start, mostly we all "Agree" that starting with the introductory lessons in Froud's book is helpful.

Mostly, I encourage you to begin your own dialogue with these cards. The more you speak to them, the more they will have to tell you.

If you do the exercisises for your "Favorite" and "Least comfortable" cards, please share what you're comfortable with!

You're in for a real treat, I hope you enjoy the deck immensely.

And listen to lark! :D
That girl talks a lot to Fae, I'm *quite* sure of it! Her posts on Fae are inspiring (to me!).


Thanks for the replies. I have a followup question.

Is it permissible to do a reading without getting my guide on board? I am planning on jumping in and doing a reading for my fiancee tomorrow (I just CANNOT read her tarots, was hoping the fae would be kinder) but I have not developed a connection with the fae as of yet. Is jumping in like this dangerous with the fae?

I think they have already touched my life. I picked up the deck yesterday around the same time I was informed by my Significant Other that our fridge broke down. After a day of dealing with gnarly repairmen (who wouldn't come until tomorrow), I ventured off to my Tarot Circle meeting today (where I discussed the Faery Oracle, amongst other things). On my way home, my SO called me to say that good ol' Mom and Dad jumped in to buy us a new fridge and my SO, exasperated, was cleaning out the old one in anticipation of the new. Twenty minutes later I get another call - as she was removing the last jar, the old fridge suddenly started up again. Was this the work of a fae? If so, which one of the little devils would be so bold as to do this?


I had my deck for a couple of years before I met my guide.
So jump right in and give that girl a reading!

Yes I'm afraid you have faeries....it sounds like a combo of O! that Gnome, Rarr, and The Bodacious Bodach.

O! that Gnome is the fey of the unexpected.
Your fridge breaks, unexpectedly.
Parents offer unexpected gift.
Fridge starts back up unexpectedly.
O! is the force of chaos at work...
He also likes to gossip.
And he talks alot..
But he can be kind of boring. Blah blah blah blah blah.
He can keep you up at night with the long winded stories.
Oh, and he gestures alot when he talks.

Rarr is a ball of energy and is usually around electrical appliance failure.
He doesn't mean to be but he's so full of energy he just sets things off.
He also offers bright ideas and inspiration.
He might have been the one to put the fridge gift idea in old mom and dads heads.

Bodacious Bodach ~ well get some salt and pour it on the chimney hearth.
Legend has it that will keep him away...
But don't count on it.
If you even had the smallest inkling that there was something wrong with that fridge and you didn't fix it ...Well
You just invited Boddie down the chimney for some helpful fixing.
At least thats what he calls it but it's really just good old fashioned meddling/sabotage.
No way around it but to fix and maintain.
Or Bodacious will be "helping" you a lot more.

I think you understand by now that you have gotten yourself into alot more than you bargained for with Faerie's.
The Faerie's Oracle is not for wimps....
So pull yourself up by your boot straps Bucko and face those Faries like a man!!!

And Enjoy. We're all glad to have you here. :)


I jumped right in and figure my guide will show up when ready. I'm too unfamiliar with the faery world to recognize anything but the most obvious! So s/he'll have to be in my face about showing up.

I know I'm not good about "playing" with them, though I've been doing a little freeform singing and dancing to show them I'm willing.


sometimes, that's the best way to play with them, is by singing and dancing around the house. Welcome to wonderful world of the fae, from my home to yours! It definitely sounds like fae are at play already (and this is just a taste of what they'll do). They'll braid your shoe laces, take various objects (especially shiny or highly decorated small things, like earings, necklaces, rings, etc). They love plants, animals and children. They'll play in your hair, live in your plants, make things go bump in the night, tease the cats, whisper in the dogs ear, and run rampid through the yard in back. They love to meddle with technology, vcr's, dvd's, kitchen appliances (as you've already experienced), computers, you name it. They can also bring higher understanding, love, gifts, and lift your spirituality into another level. Play often with them, talk to them out loud, never be harsh, never raise your voice, and let them believe that they are ALWAYS right...LOL.

Definitely do the excercises, and personally get acquainted with the cards. Pull a daily fae card once a day, (one card a day) and slowly get acquainted. Do three card, or even 5 card spreads as often as you can for yourself and others. Pretty soon, you'll feel the veil between their world and our world disapaite.


Dan, I'll post a bit on our conversation at Tarot Circle, but just wanted to say, based on that convo, and your experience posted here,


Lara (hehehehehehehehehe)


I now feel that I should explain, for those of you not in attendance at the circle in question, that we were talking specificially about faery effects and what not. This will make more sense when I post my experience!