Faery presence or should that be presents...

Wisp Wings

Faery presence or should that be presents... oh me, I am talking as one of them now! I think for them it is one and the same, their presence is a present. Such a gift!

Skytwig wrote...
"Fairies will appear in ways that are comfortable for you. They will not scare you. They tend to appear to most humans as birds, butterflies, etc....."

I question just how many of us that are Nature Lovers are so due to the faeries drawing us to nature as when we were children and have been with us, showing us so much of nature all of our years.

Skytwig also wrote in that post saying "When you are open to it, you will begin to see them by seeing flits of movement out of the corner or your eye. also you may find that birds or ducks or animals or even bugs seems to approach you more closely. take it as a compliment. they are answering your request."

I can't say how much that the entire post wrote by Skytwig that I fully agree with!

Hardly a day goes by now that I don't catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I can quickly turn to it and there appears nothing out of the normal, but it was not dreamt up. It is even happening now when I am in the company of another or several others. They don't seem to notice a thing! I never see them looking off at the same time as me looking for that "flit". Of course I am not saying "Did you see that?!".

On the animals, birds and such approaching closely, last week I was out tending to my flowers and then started watering them using a light shower from the nozzle. So quickly was this movement very close to my right and low to the grow, I was fast to see if I could see this flit too. Yet again it was gone. I never know if these movements are going to be something that I can see in the normal sense with the physical eye or some faery that isn't to be seen as that. This time it was something to be seen in the tangible, but it's movement was so fast that it was gone from the time I looked to view my side at the ground. I knew I had seen something wisk by me within six inches of my ankle. Going back to the task of watering, looking straight on at me about four feet directly in front of me was this silver gray squirrel. Immediately I had such a heart thrill. He and I looked at each other and I literally talked to him for a bit. He let me lightly shower him with the water as he twitched in delight of it and after a few more minutes of this he climbed a tree in the middle of my garden, pausing at different intervals for me to shower him more. After a bit he left and went to my roof. I am guessing maybe fifteen to twenty minutes later, he came back down and he stayed in front of me for a spell. I again talked to him with tenderness and he was attentative. Finally when he left, he again instead of departing away from me, he came near me. This time he moved slowly as he left the garden and me. Once he was about six feet past me, he took off licky-split as usual for squirrel behavior. As soon as I came in I told my husband of thinking a small cat had ran by me and I was wondering why this cat was moving so fast. I shared with him what all transpired. I don't for a minute believe this was an escape pet squirrel. I think this was work of the squirrel and the faeries. I have always believed we are all connected, every creature in the Universe, living and spirit.


Oh wisp wings, that sounds so awesome! lol. Oh I just love it, I could see your lil squirrel scurrying about around your feet, in your garden and up your tree as you gently "watered" him. lol. Oh it musta been a hoot. What a special moment for you!

Baby Owl

What a lovely story, Wisp Wings!

I recently had a rabbit in my yard who seemed very trusting of me. She made a nest in the yard and I often paused to talk to her when I saw her around. She was such a lovely gift. Now that her babies have been born, I don't see her much, but today I startled her when I was outside. She began to run, but stopped not far away, and I greeted her.


What a wonderful wonderful squirrel!!!!

The presence of various birds in the forest where I live speaks to me stronger and stronger the longer I live here. I can hear messages sometimes.

My toddler son has heard me call out, "Helloooo Brother Crooowwww" so many times he does it now too :).

Wisp Wings

Love hearing of the encounters with nature in the
non-domesticated norm. It had to be such a measure of happiness for you to have the rabbit sharing your space. You were so fortunate to get to see this mother as she was in her condition. Lucky you!

Also this to Alissa..... we have lots of birds here too and are close to a creek, so plenty of trees. I love that your little boy is learning from you and loving the birds too.

Last night I went out to water and a four year old neighbor boy was helping with watering (lots of big help and lots of play)
=-) We both had a ball. While out there across the street in a tree, we saw two big crows along with several other types of birds all flying around. The crows were doing their caw and the child and I were cawing back to them. I think they enjoyed the fun of it too. I can't help but to think that all of life in nature is drawn to a garden. I do mean all forms of life. Mine does and it is delightful to witness the draw of my garden to this child and his attempt to help make it grow. Hard to think that anyone would not believe that faeries don't dwell there too.

I make be away for several days, before being back on-line. I am putting in another flower garden that is approximately 200 square feet. I don't know I guess I will need the down time too. Oh well ughh for the work, but glee for once its all established.


wow that's amazing Wisp Wings. I've never heard of a squirrel acting like that.

You must be totally in tune with nature. I'd love to hear anymore of your nature encounters! :)


I loved your story about the squirrel Wisp Wings!

I think the fae are watching me all the time...which is all right by me, since I talk to them so often!

About two years ago, now...I began to greet squirrels whenever I saw them with a cheerful "salutations!"
It was fun to see how they responded by making thier tails all bushy and looking all important before they scurried off.

And now it seems that everytime I see a squirrel...no matter how far away they are whan I first spy them..every single one of them waits until I approach with my "greeting" before running off!

And now I find that my friends who thought I was a little nuts have started to say "salutations!" to squirrels too!


I don't know if this is the same thing but

rather than have a connection with animals in nature(though I once looked down just in time before stepping on and possibly squishing a baby bird-I put it back in the tree)I seem to see white'smoke'alot. This can happen anytime. It can happen while running into someone I haven't seen for a while(or someone I wanted to see) or simply opening my purse to get my money out to pay for my groceries while shopping(this specifically happened this evening).

Am I the only one having these experiences or do I just need a prescription adjustment on my glasses?

Wisp Wings

Many signs, just be open to them

First of all, thank you each and all that wrote in response to this thread. I loved reading all of the replies and can relate well to most of them.

Celeste, have you ever wrote in Aeclectic before of the smoke? I am asking this cause I remember a few months back of reading about someone having this too of smoke or a cloudiness haze. I can't remember who wrote of it or where its location is, maybe under "General". Anyhow some wrote back that this is a form of connection to opening to the pyschic and intuition, or a level greater then where you are at in your path today.

I tend to believe it is probably true. If we were all just open to listening with all of our being, we would see and see the relation between us, spirit, and nature so much more.

An example that I've been aware of currently is that where I am located there is not much in the way of breezes ("We aren't in Kansas any more Toto" or Oklahoma)... I have lived in both and both are known for there winds. So the occasional breeze that we get to make my windchimes really chime I love it! Many days about the same time, I come in and get on the computer. The last two days I have been in deep study of Faery when online. This is where it is fun. Prior times there has been either none or a very small chime here and there. The last two days when at the times of studying heavily the Faes and right now as typing these lines here too, LOL, the windchimes are really singing and loudly (but no tornado, thankfully! Not that kind of winds). I believe especially since this is a normal time for me to be in here at the computer and this singing of them isn't a normal occurence daily as this, that this is the faes causing this wind to make the chimes sing and especially a few seconds ago when first typing out that when it was so clear and loud. It is just a loud and cheery agreement from them, the faes, that they approve and enjoy my attention to them.

Pay attention to all signs, including smoke signs. Oh my there went another long and strong chime! Got to love it!


Thanks for your reply Wisp Wings

At least I know I'm not going crazy or seeing things that arn't there. I will do a search on seeing "smoke". That was a good suggestion, thankyou.

I am not so much connected to fairies but I talk to my spirit guide all the time. I've only just started getting into tarot again after a 20 year absence because when I first got into it in my early twenties I really started opening up psychically, and I guess I wasn't really ready or prepared for some of the insights I got about other people (especially negative ones). I also started getting spiritual "signs". One that particularly stood out for me was a clear white triangle (that followed me around for a few days-even in the shower!)till I finally told it to go away-it freaked me out too much. I think I closed off psychically then.
Then in my fortieth year(last year) I felt 'ready'
to approach reading tarot again and this time I am ready (I think)for whatever else transpires as a result. I am ready to open up again-this time I want to go all the way with it but want to remain in control and knowlegable about what is happening, and educate myself as best I can.

Sorry I was so long-winded,thanks again for your suggestion. :)