Faery Seekers ~ Sign-up thread ~ Feb 12th to March 5th


Hello Faery Seekers~

As discussed I'll be leaving this sign-up sheet up until next Monday and then the participants will have three weeks to complete readings and feedback.

Please note: this Circle uses the Brian Froud "Faerie's Oracle" only, not other fairy decks.

This is a time commitment to a fellow Faery Seeker. If life gets in the way, please notify me and/or Jewel, and certainly your partner so as to not leave folks hanging. Most folks are fine with an extension if it comes to that. :)

Suggested spread for this round:

This spread comes from the Victorian Romantic tarot book:

Looking Back, Looking Forward Spread.

.......... 2 .........
3 ... 4...... 5 ... 6
.......... 1 .........

Cards 1 & 2 are sort of in the middle between 4 & 5, anyway, the spread goes like this:

1. Where am I now.
2. Where I want to be.
3 & 4 Looking back:
3. What I should take from my past.
4. What I should leave behind.
5 & 6 Looking foreword:
5. What I should anticipate and plan for.
6. How my past experience can help me in the future.

Partners will be assigned (and I'll use the Round Robin Format this time) on
Monday, February 12th.

Those faeries are just waiting to chatter with us!!!

Marion and Jewel


Participants and partners

This space for listing participants and eventually partners.

1. AJ
2. faerylvr
3. goldnchyl
4. Tara Deck
5. Jewel
6. Baroli52
7. tabi
8. Ruby Red Slippers
9. magenta
10. FaeryGodmother
11. yaraluna
12. vanbc1963
13. Marion
14. sagewriter


tabi reads for Tara Deck

Tara Deck reads for magenta

magenta reads for AJ

AJ reads for FaeryGodmother

FaeryGodmother reads for Jewel

Jewel reads for sagewriter('s mom)

sagewriter reads for Baroli52

Baroli52 reads for goldnchyl

goldnchyl reads for vanbc1963

vanbc1963 reads for Marion

Marion reads for faerylvr

faerylvr reads for Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby Red Slippers reads for yaraluna

yaraluna reads for tabi


Hi, Marion, I'll join in this time period. Thank you


I can't wait to dance with the faeries again....thanks for the heads up.


'looking forward to working with the fey and all! thx for the invite


Hi Marion:

Just ordered this deck, and am waiting for them to be delivered. I will have to pass until next time. Funny, I was looking for a new oracle deck, and the faeries pulled my hair and said "Pick me Pick me!!"

Hope they get here soon,



Well, my faeries almost lynched me recently so I better get in here.
I have lots of brows to smooth, cheeks to kiss and faery wings to fluff. Looking forward to this folks.

And the spread was a big part of the draw...nice spread Marion. Love it.


~waves at Marion~ you can count me in :D

Baroli52, since you already ordered your deck, you should get it in the next month, if you would like to participate this round I will volunteer to be your partner and if we need to extend the reading period so you can do my reading I am fine with that. Just let Marion and I know if you want to do this :p

If you would rather wait until next round to get acquainted with your deck that is fine too. I just did not want you to be left out just because your faeries are in the mail.



Thanks for your generous offer of partnering. I just got a notification in email that they are on their way. So, please Marion, count me in.

(of course the Fey will probably play a trick on me and delay their departure, :laugh::p)



I just go this yesterday working through the book right now with doing the exercises which generally I don't do but I would love to join if you have room for a newbie Fey reader. :)